X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow admits Sharon Osbourne is now head judge!

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It’s been reported today that X Factor judge Gary Barlow has admitted that he’s no longer the holder of the honourary title of Head Judge and instead, it’s been passed on to returning judge Sharon Osbourne.

However, there was some debate as to whether Gary lost the title when Simon Cowell sent Nicole Scherzinger over from the States to sit on the UK show’s judging panel…

At the time, it was claimed that Nicole was the new Head Judge and had been sent over to be “Simon’s eyes and ears” about X Factor goings on, given that he and Gary aren’t exactly close friends.

But evidently, Gary still considered himself to the head honcho, judge-wise, until Sharon’s return that is.

He told TV Biz, “There’s no question she’s the head judge.

“The mug – I can’t even find it. It’s gone. She has been in and stood on it.

“She’s the queen. She’s back.”

He added, “It’s been brilliant having her back…

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“It’s so good to have someone who has done so much TV work because she is totally at ease and she has brought out the worst in all of us!”

However, he admitted that he was somewhat concerned that Sharon – who of course replaced Tulisa – would be such “a big personality” that she’d outshine the other judges.

He said, “The one thing I was dreading, though, was Sharon coming back and just stealing the whole thing – but that’s not her style at all.

“She’s come back and, like I said, she’s brought out the worst in everyone, which everyone is loving.

“And so going on to the set each day, it was just like I can’t wait to get up there and have a laugh.”

Gary also revealed that he’d talked to Simon about this year’s show and the possibility that the music mogul may return.

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He explained, “When I sat with him this year to talk about the show, the one thing I said was, ‘I think the viewers want you somewhere in this show’.

“The guy they’re all signing to at the end of this process is him.

“We’d love at any point for him to be involved and show up at boot camp or judges’ houses.

“He’s always up for it.”

Here’s a reminder of Sharon and Simon together on the show’s original judging line-up…

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4 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow admits Sharon Osbourne is now head judge!”

  1. lizzy says:

    I think Gary was just being polite and a gentleman. He’s head judge because his talent recommends him as such. His opinion is the most valid on that panel and he brings the most viewers to the show. The day any of the other 3 judges prove to have, at least, 10% of Gary’s talent, they can aspire to that title. The simple fact that he’s being asked about it shows that, in people’s eyes, he’ll always be the head judge. Plus, he seemed to enjoy the title on his twitter.

  2. G* says:

    You better leave the X-factor Show, Gary! Your talent and reputation are simply too good for this crap show!
    I don’t understand, when a foul mouthed, rubbish, harsh like Mrs. O deserve to be the headjudge! The X-factor slowly turns into Crazy Show!

  3. Nicola Bannister says:

    Yes the X Factor I remember since started loved the show back in 2010 along side Loui Cheryl Dannii and Simon what a wonderfull show since its been our best progamme for everybody loves this show and everybody at home loves watching the all the show and I am so plased to hear that Sharon O coming back doing the show some point she is my faverourt from the years how amazing is that I think this year its going to be Loui Nicole Sharon and Robbie I thing think you so much and cheers

  4. G!e says:

    How about when Simon get Leona, Olly Murs, Sinitta and Louis is the Headjudge. After all, they’re X-factor Family!