X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow is at it again! He wants to split Silver Rock’s Tamera Foster & Jerrie Bafundila (VIDEO)

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There is only one girl group set to appear on tonight’s X Factor show but from the start Take That star Gary Barlow isn’t dure about their lineup.

16 year old Tamera Foster and 22 year old Jerrie Bafundila come to sing for the judges as ‘Silver Rock’ but admit that they’ve only been together for a week, after coming across each other’s singing videos online.

The hopefuls perform together for Sharon Osbourne, Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger and we have to be honest, we think their rendition of End Of Time by Beyonce is really rather good, however the judges aren’t so sure.

The don’t think the girls have the right chemistry between them and Gary tells the wannabes:

“You have nice voices but I’m a little bit confused as to why you’re actually standing together…”

silver rock x factor

Nicole and Louis both agree that something is missing but they consider whether or not the ladies actually need another member for their band and not to go solo as Gaz suggests.

To make their decision the panel ask the contestants to sing on their own. Jerrie wows them by singing Listen by Beyonce brilliantly, while Tamera delivers just as impressive a rendition of Fallin by Alicia Keys

After the solo performances the judges ask both girls to leave the room while they discuss their fate.

x factor judges 2 2013

Tune into the X Factor at 8PM tonight to see what happens to Silver Rock. Will they win a place in the arena auditions, will they gain a third member, will they be split or will they be sent home?

Listen to both ladies singing alone and tell us if you think they’re good enough for the live shows in the comments section below…

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3 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow is at it again! He wants to split Silver Rock’s Tamera Foster & Jerrie Bafundila (VIDEO)”

  1. kas says:

    Both girls are awesome but think tamara will have the edge at the live shows as shes younger and more current to the charts at present .
    But hey well done too u both :)

  2. Phil says:

    I tried watching it but my streaming service kept cutting out every few seconds so i have no idea of their fate, will likely watch it some other time.

  3. Jimmy Saville says:

    Both a bit old for me, but… I still would.. especially the young pointy titted ting that blazes the PCP..