X Factor 2013: James Arthur tells Simon Cowell not to sack Nicole Scherzinger!

james arthur nicole scherzinger

With all the speculation about the X Factor judging panel lineup of late, former winner James Arthur has had his say on who he thinks should be on the show.

It’s been reported that Simon Cowell has already axed Tulisa, Gary Barlow is thinking of leaving and Nicole Scherzinger is also on shaky ground.

James was mentored by the Pussycat Doll in the 2012 series and thinks she needs to be back at the judges’ table this year, because she is so popular with UK TV viewers.

The ‘Impossible’ hit maker has remained in contact with the brunette beauty and in a recent interview insisted:

“It’s up to Nicole to be back. She’s an artist and I know she writes all the time, so she may want to put something out there next year.

james nicole motorbike

“I think the UK are in love with her and would love her back. I’d love to return next year as a guest and see her behind the panel, it would be amazing.”

James is currently on the UK tour with his X Factor co stars and he thinks the judges and the staff from last year’s show did some brilliant work.

His debut single was the biggest selling X Factor record of all time and he credits Nicole and co with the result, telling The Student Pocket Guide:

nicole james jahmene

“The panel that we’ve got at the minute is doing alright. We’ve got the fastest selling x Factor single yet, so they can’t be doing too much wrong.

The show has been going on for a lot of years and there’s press about it needing a revamp. We’ve got the fastest selling single an I’m really ecited to be part of that.”

The tour ends very soon and afterwards Arthur and his pals are going to take a well earned break. he may even catch up with Nicole as he’s heading stateside and tweeted to reveal:

james arthur nicole scherzinger

“Visas all sorted for Miami!! Me and my boys jettin off the 16th! Yeahhhh boiiiiiiiii”

He’s loving the concerts for now though and added:

“Sick crowd tonight at wembley #LOVE”

Who do you think should be on this year’s X Factor panel? Leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “X Factor 2013: James Arthur tells Simon Cowell not to sack Nicole Scherzinger!”

  1. Jane says:

    If he thinks Simon Cowell is interested in his opinion, then he is as deluded about that as he is about his creative freedom at Syco.

  2. Melledy Vittorio says:

    I like her as a singer and she is beautiful has amazing talent. respect her for that, but I think she was a terrible judge,

    she was bitchy with some of the contestants, especially when it was girls, she over did the crying about everything in other words, over dramatized everything and I think she tried to outshine Simon or just say things to annoy him even though she knew what he was saying is true.

    When one is a judge, one must forget that everything is not about you at that moment and how good and beautiful you are, its all about the contestant and giving the benefit of a doubt whether this person is worth giving a shot at being the winner or not…

    its about giving them songs that they can sing test it and if it doesn’t work give them another that does work, because if the performance is poor based on a song of bad choice, its the contestant that loses face to the public and a shot at being eliminated.

    At Xfactor the judges are literally plating god, cause they have full control of where your future in the contest lies, they can make or break you

    as a artist judge you can not compare yourself to the contestant, you must look hear and see them for what they are foresee a future for them that would suit their style and empower guide and teach that, is a matter of whether that style and personality is strong and beautiful enough is it what the world would want to see… are the really good enough

    Its almost as if the women judges are more in competition between themselves and as to who would be more popular, sometimes even making the wrong decisions and comments just to prove their point.

  3. James arhur says:

    James is amazing i love him

  4. Madge says:

    Oh no….please keep James Arthur in the UK. Why are you sending him over here? No…just no. Doesn’t Simon Cowell need him to tell him how to run that show? Keep him there, save us all the earache.

  5. Smarty says:

    You only wish madge! James Arthur is the biggest artist youll ever see! Every time you here his new single reaches no 1, you remember your dumb comment….!

    • Madge says:

      Nope, not my wish. And no, sorry but James Arthur is not the biggest artist I’ll ever see…puh-leeze. He doesn’t even register on the scale. That song only sold the copies it did because it was for charity. And you say “every time I hear it” but you fail to understand that I won’t hear it because I don’t listen to it…it’s overproduced, studio propped up vocal. So hey, like I said…you like him then please keep him because no one else wants him.

  6. Henna says:

    I love james arthur and I’m only nine keep him in the uk I’m his number one fan