X Factor 2013: Kylie Minogue isn’t sure she’d be as good a judge as her sister Dannii was, but adds, “I’d have some good advice to offer!”

kylie and dannii minogue

Princess of pop Kylie Minogue has revealed that although she loves watching shows like X Factor, she’s not sure she could be as good a judge as her sister Dannii was, but she just loves to yell at her TV from the comfort of her own sofa!

However, she also remarked that were she to ever consider becoming a judge on a show like X Factor, she’d “definitely have some good advice to offer” wannabes.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kylie said, “I think when you’re at home, like if my boyfriend and I are home and we see one of those shows, we are all great couch judges.

“We’re all just like, ‘Come on! That was terrible!’ Or, ‘That was great!’

“But, I don’t know, I don’t know how well I’d cope with being in that situation.”

However, she added, “Maybe [I’d be] fine, but I think I’d definitely have some good advice to offer just from experience.

“And certainly those shows are here to stay, and I wouldn’t say no to it if it was the right moment for me and if it was the right show.”


She continued, “There’s stuff that I wish that I knew a long time ago but you actually just have to go through it.

“But one of my favourite sayings is, ‘There are no shortcuts to learning your craft.’

“You just have to put the years in.”

What do you reckon? Would you like to see Kylie following in Dannii’s footsteps to become a judge on X Factor?

For now, here’s a look at Kylie performing live on X Factor…

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