X Factor 2013: Mel B’s coming home to replace Tulisa or Nicole Scherzinger!

mel b x factor 2012

Mel B made quite the impression when she guest judged on the X Factor this year and it’s been reported that Simon Cowell loved every minute of her appearance.

She was mean to a cute pensioner singer, was nasty to some young hopefuls and seemed to hate almost any girl group that stepped onto the stage, especially if they said they wanted to be like The Spice Girls.

However it seems that Cowell wants to add a bit of spice to the X Factor UK panel on a long term basis as it’s claimed that the music mogul has asked Mel to become a full time judge for 2013.

Mel has cut her teeth on the Australian version of the talent show, where she has worked alongside Boyzone star Ronan Keating but apparently she’s set to move her family home to England early next year to move to the UK series.

She will be replacing Tulisa or Nicole Scherzinger and a source told The Mirror:

“She’s ready to come back. All her obligations in Australia, where she’s been living for two years, come to ­completion at the end of January.


“[Her daughter] Phoenix really wants to be in the UK and Mel’s getting signs that things are going to work out with The X Factor. The thing about Mel is she goes where she’s wanted and where the work is. And if that’s the UK then so be it.”

If Mel is joining the panel, she’ll no doubt be hoping to replace Tulisa not sit alongside her, after it was reported that the N-Dubz star has no desire to work with the Spice Girl.

An insider told Closer magazine:

melb face

“Tulisa isn’t happy that Mel B cold join the panel.”

“She and Mel sometimes don’t get on and Tulisa fears if producers pick Mel, there may not be enough room for both of them.”

Would you like to see Mel B on the X Factor panel? Leave your comments below…

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22 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Mel B’s coming home to replace Tulisa or Nicole Scherzinger!”

  1. RC says:

    I really wish she wasn’t joining the uk panel and I think she was a perfect fit on the aussie one. I wonder who they will get to take mel’s place on the aussie one. I hope whomever it is they fit as well as mel did. The only reason I am gonna be okay with mel making the move is because her kids want to move back home. But I probably won’t be watching the uk version anymore so I wont be to see her so that sucks but oh well.

  2. ? says:

    The panel should be and what catergories they should have

    Simon Cowell-Girls
    Mel B-Groups
    Robbie Williams-Boys
    Kylie minogue-overs

  3. DJ P says:

    I’ve seen Mel on the UK X Factor, and the way she treated the contestants was for me unacceptable. I don’t want her on the UK series, I don’t want her near it. For me I don’t like her personality and the way she treats other people, if she goes on the UK series, I won’t be watching it for sure.

  4. Janine says:

    I must say I ompletely agree with the previous comments, very sad becuase I wont be watching again if Mel B is a judge…..dont enjoy her nature at all,there is nothing about Mel I enjoy!!! without going through the list!!! If Simon does choose Mel for 2013, I think he is loseing it somewhat, as it is ratings are down, and now he is looking at Mel B???
    Might as well forget about doing the show next year!!! I love Nicloe…..she has it all, and you can see she worked very hard this year!!! I think the judges are just so important for the show to be a hit, you have one wrong person in there….will just be the wrong move Simon!!!

  5. Janine says:

    I completely agree with the previous comments!!! There is nothing I enjoy about Mel B, without making a list, as it is the ratings are down, if Simon chooses Mel B I wont be watching.
    I thought Nicole was the best, loved everything about her, and you can see she worked really hard!!

    Judges are so important for the show to be a hit, put one wrong person in there, and you may as well forget about 2013. I think Simon is loseing it somewhat!!

  6. Anthony says:

    Mel B would be perfect for the X Factor. She is brutal and honest, which is what the show needs. Far too often the judges have taken the softly, softly approach, and it just doesn’t work. Then we have the humiliating umming and erring when deciding which act to send home, because they are too emotionally attached to all the acts. We need an end to that and for someone to come and be decisive. Someone who can say to an act ‘you’re going home and that’s it.’

  7. Luan Morgan says:

    I used to love mel b in the spice days but I did not like her on the x factor, there’s honest and there’s plain rude and she crossed the line. Bring Simon and Cheryl back, keep Louis and Nicole.

  8. rewrwe says:

    Mel B and Sharon both for next year!

  9. Jumanah says:

    Mel should come on The X Factor and replace Tulisa.
    Nicole should stay!!!
    The groups should be:
    Simon or Gary-Overs.
    Mel B-Girls.

  10. victoria says:

    Okay… So Im just giving my opinion, Tulisa Is a great judge and so is Nicole, They both won in the past 2 years, Tulisa – Little mix and Nicole – James Arthur. I would rather keep them both and replace Gary with Simon.
    If Mel B comes; no way im watching the x factor anymore.

  11. victoria says:

    And Nicole Had 2 Acts On the Final , she’s shamazing !

  12. nick says:

    Nicole was just after the lime light. However, l don’t mind her coming back. Tulisa needs to go though, can’t stand her. Mel B is good, let her come.

  13. Soinana says:

    Mel b should come – she would liven the show up more!!! My ideal judges:
    Girls – Cheryl or Tulisa
    Boys – Mel B
    Groups -Louis
    Overs – Simon or Gary

    • Janine says:

      Just Everyone, is antie- Mel B…really dont know what Simon is thinking in regards to Mel B!!!! She has got to be the most annoying person of all time!!!It would be the biggest mistake in the history of the X-Factor!!! Dont do it Simon!! Definetly not for England, maybe America!!!
      I thought Nicole was great, do you know why? becuase she is Classy and a complete Lady, at the same time has some Cheekiness and Fun about her!! Dont mind Gary/Louis. I think it would be great to bring back Cheryl!!! then again dont think Tulisa is a good role model for young girls!!!! I know he is trying to include someone for everyone!!!Dont see why they all cant be great role models!!!
      Regarding Tulisa, again, find her very rude

  14. Jumanah says:

    Tulisa probably start trouble with Mell B.

  15. Rayhan says:

    Tulisa – Overs
    Gary – Groups
    Mel B – Girls
    Louis – Boys

  16. Irfan Qureshi says:

    i think THE X FACTOR PANEL IS FINE THE WAY IT IS Tulisa has been a good Judge dont want her to leave but if she does the panel should be;
    Gary Barlow- Girls
    Nicole sherzinger- Groups
    Sharon Osbourne- overs
    Louis Walsh- Boys
    NO GUEST JUDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MEL B musn’t not come back and become the offical Judge she was rude,rude,rude “Maria im going to give you a big reality check, YOU SHOULD NOT BE SINGING Find something else to do its a waste of time”. “you look like a popstar, YOU DONT SOUND LIKE ONE”.

  17. ikra says:

    i think THE X FACTOR PANEL IS FINE THE WAY IT IS Tulisa has been a good Judge dont want her to leave but if she does the panel should
    Nicole sherzinger-boys
    Gary Barlow- Girls
    Louis-over 25
    MEL B must not come back and become the offical judge she was rude rude rude rude rude i do not like

  18. Dave says:

    Can’t understand why people want Louis (pathetic) Walsh to stay, he is the worst judge, no difficult decisions, it’s a singing contest you idiot!
    Other judges Mel B, Danii Minogue, Gary Barlow (tried to judge on musical ability) and Simon Cowell ( or another straight talking male) NOT Louis Walsh ever ever ever!