X Factor 2013: Poor James McDonald crashes and burns with ‘Red’ arena performance

James McDonald

James McDonald, a 25 year old bus driver from Nottingham had a hard time on tonight’s X factor show.

The judges wanted to give him a break after a mediocre closed room audition but they weren’t any more impressed when he sang ‘Red’ by Daniel Merriweather in the arena soon after.

Before singing James revealed:

I am known in Nottingham as the singing bus driver. I have been working as a bus driver for the last two years and the passengers get a bit of a bonus with me, because I just love to sing. I sit on a bus and sing to passengers as they get on and now I get to perform to 4,000 people. That’s my dream. If I got a yes today, I would be the happiest man on the planet.

However it wasn’t to be and after his performance, the judges said:

James McDonald_3

Nicole Scherzinger: You have a nice voice, not the greatest voice that I’ve heard today but a good audition thanks.

Gary Barlow: I have got to be honest, I am a little bit disappointed in that today. You had a lot more to bring from that last audition. Your voice sounded a little bit limited and very generic. That’s not good enough for this competition.

x factor judges 2 2013

Sharon Osbourne: We are all here as judges looking for someone that is going to help us win this contest. I just don’t think you are up to the level.

Only Nicole gave the only yes to James and so he missed out on a place in bootcamp. Do you think he deserved the response he got? Leave your comments below….

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4 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Poor James McDonald crashes and burns with ‘Red’ arena performance”

  1. Karen Fraser says:

    I was really disappointed in the judges opinion of James ‘s performance. He had a much better voice than more than one of the acts the judges all said yes to tonight! They didn’t even give him the chance to finish and the audience loved him. Maybe they didn’t like the way he looked but that shouldn’t come into to it!

  2. Terry says:

    Brilliant voice, best vocal of the night and better than James Arthur! the judges faces said it all before he had even sung a note, Barlow put his head down. Why are some contestants given preferental treatment? Some were allowed to finish their song and one was even allowed to sing another, James wasn’t allowed to do either. Barlow said James should listen to the competition and he would understand their decision. Was that a joke or does he really think listening to a crazy woman who can’t and in fact didn’t sing a single note will help him understand their cruel and unfair treatment of him. I was looking forward to hearing him sing and wasn’t dissapointed by his performance, he has a great voice and seems a nice guy. Shame on the judges for such a disgusting display, the decision not to put him through had already been made.

  3. Neil says:

    Cracking voice, deffo should have gone thru, pathetic judges again turning talent away and putting some Jamaican oddball woman thru who was cack

  4. Barry Guitarlow says:

    Does James deserve a Second Life please..?