X Factor 2013: Rapper P Diddy wants Simon Cowell to give him a judges job!

US rap star, P Diddy, has made a ‘come and get me offer’ to Simon Cowell regarding the current vacant X Factor judging jobs, according to the Sun newspaper!

And with the recent sackings of both Tulisa Contostavlos from the UK version of the hit talent show, and that of Britney Spears from the US show, he may just get taken up on it.

Simon Cowell is notorious for swapping and changing his judging cast series by series, and this year is no different following the two alpha-females shocking departure.

However, we doubt he wants to be left in the same position as he was in 2012 after Destiny’s Child star, Kelly Rowland turned down the offer to renew her X Factor contract leaving the UK show desperately drafting in a string of celebrity stand in judges till Nicole Scherzinger was finally appointed the job full time.

So, with his options running low after every dismissal Cowell would probably be a fool to turn down the offer for one of America’s most well-known and popular rappers, P Diddy, to come on board.

According to the Sun newspaper, P Diddy, formally known as Puff Daddy and whose real name is Sean Combs, has expressed a public desire to fill one of the vacant positions, as long as the price was right!

He is reported as saying: “Simon’s pockets are kind of tight and I have these six kids to feed so he needs to step up.”

If P Diddy was to be given a job on the show it may increase the number of rap artists coming through, the one genre that has always been previously neglected on the talent show.

Do you think P Diddy would make a good judge, and would you like to see more rap artists taking part in the X Factor?

Leave your thoughts and comments below:

Watch P Diddy’s Tell Me video featuring Christina Aguilera in the clip below:

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2 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Rapper P Diddy wants Simon Cowell to give him a judges job!”

  1. Benzir says:

    Firstly Britney wasn’t fired she quit. If I was Simon I would pay any amount of money to get Diddy to come on X factor since he’s up for it. I’m a little surprised he is because people like Diddy and Jay Z are usually too busy for shows. He’s got personality and the on-screen rivalry with Simon would be great. Plus it’d be great for hiphop artists to have a mentor. LA Reid did well with Astro and Chris Rene but Simon had no clue what to do with Lyric145. He’s more known in hiphop than LA so no doubt more rappers would come on the show. Plus look at how many stars whose careers are a result of his work. Seriously though Simon, Diddy, Pink and Demi would be an amazing panel. You have two people who’ve created stars (one of whom is a successful artist himself), a popstar who has been big all over the world for more than 10 years and is still hugely popular and another popstar who targets the young demographic

  2. Hannah Marshall says:

    I love for Diddy to be the judge.But any hip hop
    singers aren’t what i decide to have on the show.
    Whatever the judges say thats fine.If there’s teams
    to be rearranged it isn’t.Thats why im disappointed