X Factor 2013: Simon Cowell sacking Gary Barlow & Tulisa for Cheryl Cole & Sharon Osbourne return?


Simon Cowell may be all caught up with Britain’s Got Talent this month, but it seems the TV boss is still busy preparing for his new series’ of the X Factor.

The music mogul has two panels to firm up, for his UK and US shows and insiders have claimed that he will be staging a number of ‘crisis’ meetings with SYCO and ITV bosses this week, to decide on the way forward for the 2013 run.

Judges auditions start in May and contracts normally go out to prospective judges in February and it’s claimed that SiCo is determined to give the UK version a bit of a shake up this year. The Sun reports that the record label boss is planning to run the series without Take That star Gary Barlow and Tulisa and is hoping to replace them with former judge Cheryl Cole and another star.

He may have a hard time winning Chez back though, as she’s previously insisted she will never return to the panel of the ITV show.

Last December, her manager Will.i.am told The Mirror that she had agreed to return saying:

“It’s going to be dope.”

Another source, who claimed to have close links with SYCO, said Chezza and Cowell had ‘verbally agreed’ to work together.

However, Cheryl later told Graham Norton that a comeback was a ‘definite no no.’

A friend told The Sun: “Cheryl really enjoyed her time on the show but she has moved on. She had three really good years and wants to leave it there.”

As part of another major shake up, it’s claimed that Cowell is also considering getting rid of the huge arena auditions and bringing back just a hopeful singing to the judges in a small room, American Idol style.

simon cowell bgt

Speaking at the BGT auditions in London last week Simon said:

“There are a series of meetings taking place. All the Brits are coming in, all the Americans, and we’re gonna make some decisions then. We’re going to mix it up.

“You’ve just got to try to make a better show than you did the year before. And if you do that, there’s a good chance you can get the numbers up.”


Meanwhile, bookies have predicted that Simon himself will come back to the show, most likely with former judge Sharon Osbourne.

“The X Factor viewing figures have been going in the wrong direction ever since Simon & Sharon left. Their return could be just the tonic the franchise needs,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Who do you think should be on the panel? What would you recommend for the big shakeup? Leave your comments below…

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15 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Simon Cowell sacking Gary Barlow & Tulisa for Cheryl Cole & Sharon Osbourne return?”

  1. s says:

    for the love of god, gary was talking as openly as he could months ago about how HE wanted to LEAVE, and cheryl has quantifyably stated on many occasions that she resolutely does not want to do it again.

    why the hell do the press get away with so much bull?

  2. Shakalaka bumbum says:

    This is so pathetic! Does Simon Cowell know anyone else apart from Cheryl Cole. SHE DOESN’T WANT TO COME BACK! So stop harassing her you dirty old pervert! I honestly think Simon needs to find TALENTED judges, ones that DON’T mime! (Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears are a few that mime, so they shouldn’t be judges for a TALENT show!). I think he needs to bring credibility back to the show, real talented artists to be judges, but also they need to be interesting! BEYONCE would be amazing for the show and so would Rihanna! I hope he gets them for the UK X Factor, I also liked Nicole Scherzinger last year, so i’de like her to return, she’s talented, was seriously funny last year and she’s a great performer! Follow my advice Simon!! Get Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicole!!

  3. DJ P says:

    For G sake, Simon as previous comment said, don’t be a pervert just get someone else if Cheryl doesn’t wonna come back, it’s that simple.
    Also Beyonce, Rihanna should be considered for the USA version of the show, at least Rihanna should, I wouldn’t wonna see her half naked on ITV for 4 months.
    Also it’s a very good idea of bringing the auditions room instead of the arena, keep it going this way and the show will be better and who knows, may get higher viewer numbers.

  4. Lisa says:

    Please find someone who has really talent. Please sack Louis, Tulisa and Gary. Louis has no clue how real musicians work…Tulisa is hasnt had a really good career to be part of the panel…Gary knows a lot about music but is for many too arrogant being a head judge. He got too big for his boots plus i think he showed his true colours since he started on X Factor….Sack them and keep Nicole…she knows about music and was also fun to watch

  5. Nicola Bannister says:

    I been the massive fans of the X Factor back in 2010 but before I started watching the show I been the fans of Sharon Osbourne because I do liked her hair style courla then started to be more intested in the Talent shows and I always wanted Sharon to come back in the show for a long time now and yes I loved to see Sharon comes back I really would but this show is the one for me because its the singing the jugeds are great and I liked them cheers

  6. A says:

    Have just judges auditions then boot camp with live crowd to see how they cope. Have 5 judges add maybe 14-16. Tulisa is a good judge she was in a band age 12 so nows what it’s like. Nicola as she was found on pop stars so knows what it’s like being the person. Sharon coz she was wicked. Louis just coz his been there forever. Simon but that never happen so probs just Gary come back if not another male judge not a pop star but someone who knows what music is about. Also have a head judge who judges the judges and have the casting vote if judges can’t make mind up coz all that deadlock is crap.

  7. toby says:

    Yeah I honestly think they should cut the arena thing out and make the auditions more personal because it’s more intimate for the home viewers instead of hearing people in the audience, and I think tulisa is a good judge because she’s raw talent and knows what it’s like to go through the beginners process and last of yes SHARRON should come back !

  8. HOLLY says:

    Gary was leaving this year to write songs with Take That anyway so there is no news there.

  9. Rachel says:

    I like this year panel. Nicole legend ! Want to see Tulisa like she was the 1st year but if T leaves that means I might have an ndubz reunion but dont want cheryl or Sharon back. Gary kinda got to me but… dont mind him going

  10. nick says:

    Anyone will be alright, but not Tulisa.

  11. lawrence says:

    yes please bring sharon osborne back she is amazing and says it how it is ,she should have never left x factor she is great on the show.bring back sharon

  12. chloe says:

    since britney spears left put sharon osbourne in x factor US,NE-YO to replace gary borelow keep nicole,tulisa and louis because its a love triangle.

    Simon follow this x factor UK: Louis,Tulisa, Nicole and Ne-Yo. X factor US: ,Will.i.am,Sharon,Demi and Simon. that will boost up the ratings for x factor UK and US. Trust me it will.

  13. Louise says:

    His solo tour and twitter followings says it all Gary Barlow should be staying come on he is perfect talented and caring also he is the eye candy lets face it. Tulisa should go she was more into boyfriends and nights out, Louie is old hat says same old thing over and over again so boring. Lovely man though keep Nichole but sick of her made up words that’s why we have dictionary’s lol. Liked Sharon liked Danni. Gary is the way forward should be fighting to get him to sign.

  14. Music Lover from US says:

    I follow X Factor UK on Youtube because we don’t get it here. I personally feel Gary Barlow is the most well rounded, talented judge I’ve seen yet. I also like Sharon Osbourne. They both know how to make music and what it takes to make it in the industry for longer than a few minutes. I trust them both and their judgement. I mean, come on…. Rylan was an entertainer; but couldn’t sing. Gary was the only one who stood up and said so.

  15. XFactorLoverUK says:

    Get rid of Gary, he’s been a total arse this year Tulisa,like her but wouldn’t mind if she left, Keep Nicole she put one direction together!!! That’s prove enough she deveres to be on the people Bring in Max Martin he knows how to make hits and gives artists like Britney, Bon Jovi, N*Sync,Pink, Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, Glee’s original songs, backstreet boys, Kelly Clarkson etc, and gives all these acts longevity, Idina Menzel, she’s a Broadway legend (wicked and rent) and Shelby from glee, she’s know how to sing and teach others her craft and lastly bring back sharon, she managed black Sabbath they’ve been touring since the mid 70s, shes funny and obviously knows what shes going