X Factor 2013: Simon Cowell to testify against Cheryl Cole in US lawsuit?

simon cowell, cheryl cole

Simon Cowell could end up in the witness stand during Cheryl Cole’s upcoming lawsuit, it has been claimed.

The X Factor boss hired the Geordie beauty for his American show two years ago, but sacked her after a matter of weeks and now she wants payback.

Insiders have told Now magazine that the British star, who once admitted that he was romantically interested in Cole, is top of the witness list for X Factor production company Blue Orbit, if the case comes before a jury and isn’t settled outside court.

The Girls Aloud star is thought to be suing the company for £1.4million. She was paid in full for one full series of the show, but is demanding full payment for a second as well as £62,000 each year for clothes, £16,000 for hair and make-up, £9,400-a-month for rent and £1,600-a-month for living expenses.

cheryl cole, simon cowell

A TV insider told The Sun recently:

‘Everyone is surprised by the lawsuit. No judge would be paid for a season they didn’t appear on.’


Court papers submitted by Cheryl’s lawyer claim that the ‘Under The Sun’ hitmaker was promised payment whether or not she starred in the final show. She received £1.1million for her very few appearances on season one but is now demanding £1.25million for the second run, as well as expenses which she believes are owing.

Listen as Cole explains her fractured relationship with Cowell and leave your comments below…..

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2 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Simon Cowell to testify against Cheryl Cole in US lawsuit?”

  1. Lucy says:

    It’s not really about whether or not it harms him or anyone. It’s about the fact that the lawsuit seems completely uncalled for. Unless she was initially signed to a two year contract, she has no basis on which to sue him or X Factor. Just because he’s stupidly rich doesn’t mean he deserves to have his money taken away from him.

  2. jerry lee says:

    That’s the thing though, apparently she was signed to a 2 year contract, do you honestly believe she would sue him if there was no chance of her winning, she must have some evidence, also, it’s her lawyer that’s currently dealing with the case so he must also believe there is a reason for the lawsuit, this isn’t just “oh I got fired I’ll sue the boss no matter what happens”