X Factor 2013 spoilers: Green Boots give their best Peter Andre & Katie Price impression & it’s bad!

'The X Factor' Auditions, Glasgow. - 04 Jun 2013

Imagine Peter Andre and Katie Price at the height of their romance, multiply that by 1,000 and that’s what Green Boots are planning to bring to TV screens around the nation this evening.

Dean, 18 and Patricia, 21 auditioned for The X Factor earlier this year and in between their constant snogging, touching and petting Dean did manage to find time to tell Dermot O’Leary that he truly believes he’s found his Princess in his older woman, while Pat returned the favour by gushing about how ‘awestruck’ she was when she first laid eyes on her handsome ‘Prince.’ Puke!

Things get even worse on tonight’s show when the pair finally unentangle themselves from one another long enough to enter the audition room, where they gush more lovely, dove romantic nonsense to the judges before launching into Katie and Peter’s special song ‘A Whole New World.’

Now we love a Disney movie more than most and Aladdin is a particular favourite but after hearing Green Boots’ version, we could do without ever listening to the tune again. Yes, it was that bad!

'The X Factor' Auditions, Glasgow. - 04 Jun 2013

Always blunt and forthright, Gary Barlow tells the pair:

“I think your brains are on another planet also, because your singing is really bad.”

However Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger are a little moved by the emotion of it all!

x factor judges 2 2013

Tune in tonight to find out if our report is accurate and if the loved up Irish singers are as bad as all that (we promise, they are!). The X Factor returns at 8PM this evening but we promise you, there are some actual real singers on there too!

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