X Factor 2013 to avoid timeslot clash with Strictly Come Dancing amid ratings fears!

x factor vs strictly come dancing

When The Voice debuted its new series just a few weeks ago, ITV – and Simon Cowell – weren’t even close to breaking a sweat over viewer ratings, and confidently predicted that their channel would trounce the BBC as both Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice aired simultaneously…

And they were right; BGT wiped the floor with The Voice in terms of viewing figures, and consequently, The Voice was shifted to a later timeslot.

However, it would appear that ITV – and Simon Cowell – aren’t quite so confident that the new series of The X Factor can similarly beat BBC fave Strictly Come Dancing when the two shows are set to air at the same time later this year. That being the case, ITV are reportedly intent on ensuring there will be no timeslot clash between the two shows.

The Daily Star Sunday reports, “WORRIED X Factor bosses will avoid a head-to-head battle with Strictly Come Dancing this year over fears they will lose out in the annual ratings war.

“Boss Simon Cowell and ITV execs have already agreed to duck out of their usual battle to avoid a repeat of 2012 when they were hammered by their BBC1 rival.

“Instead, X Factor will go out after the early show of Strictly has finished to ensure the biggest ratings possible.”

A TV insider said, “ITV will not risk going up against Strictly.

“They are concerned that the ratings were low last year and it is vital for advertising fees that they get big audiences.”


Are you glad there won’t be any head-to-head viewing clashes between the show’s this year? For now, here’s a reminder of last year’s X Factor final…

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