X Factor 2013: Tulisa and Louis Walsh admit they’re waiting for Simon Cowell’s call but there’s talk of Cheryl Cole & Sharon Osbourne’s return!

On last night’s Xtra Factor show Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh admitted that they are hoping to return to The X Factor next year but we think one of them may be very disappointed when they don’t get the call.

Last night, after the final aired on ITV1 and James Arthur was voted as your 2012 winner the judges were asked whether they would be returning to the show for the 2013 series.

Tulisa said:

“We get asked this question all the time and we don’t get asked until February.”

Louis added:

“I am always waiting for the call, waiting by the phone for nine years. I’ll be waiting again.”

Tulisa previously admitted that she would never quit the show of her own accord, saying:

“I would never quit the show. At the end of the day I got to where I am as a solo artist with The X Factor.”

However it’s been reported that Simon Cowell is planning to bin her, bring back Cheryl Cole and adopt a ‘back to basics’ approach to the series next year.

Will.i.am manages Chez and reportedly confirmed the news this morning, saying that the Girls Aloud star had reached a ‘verbal agreement’ with Simon recently and is planning to rejoin the panel after a two year break. Read more here.

The Mirror claims that the music mogul is also considering asking Sharon Osbourne to make her comeback and has already held preliminary talks with the reality TV matriarch. Louis Walsh may love Tulisa, but we imagine he’ll gladly wave her off if it means he gets to work with his bestie again.

Old judges aren’t the only changes planned and apparently bosses are considering binning the huge arena auditions, pushing the start date back until the autumn and having the judges act as impartial observers and not mentors of the performing contestants.

What do you think? Will the changes and the “back to basics” format with returning judges save X Factor? Or do you think it’s had its day? Will you miss Tulisa?

Let us know!

Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of the show’s early days…

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6 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Tulisa and Louis Walsh admit they’re waiting for Simon Cowell’s call but there’s talk of Cheryl Cole & Sharon Osbourne’s return!”

  1. Anthony says:

    Are the bosses saying they are considering scrapping the ‘mentor’ thing altogether, meaning the acts will never belong to a particular mentor? If so, this is what the show has been waiting for, for years. It will finally bring an end to the bickering, tactical voting/comments, and much of the stupidity which has plagued this series.
    There are no actual ‘mentors’ on Strictly Come Dancing, other than the partners themselves who have an equal interest in winning and are competing together, so there is no need for them here either in the current format, particularly when it invites a judge to have the power to eliminate another act.
    The back to basics approach has to be worth a try. After all, the show was good in years gone by so let’s try and bring back the good days. I hope this will also mean a more transparent voting system, which the public are more able to trust than we have at present.

  2. Mark says:

    This sounds like it could work, if its true and could help the ratings. As for the return of Cheryl, Sharon i wasnt a fan of either of them, so for me bringing them back would be a step back. I think 4 new judges are needed for next year. Would love to see Dannii back tho.

  3. Ghee says:

    Yeah, Simon just need to kick out his pal Louis and Tulisa! Maybe, it’s better that all the judges are women! 4 Women = Nicole Scherzinger (Headjudge), Cheryl Cole, Sharon Osbourne, and Dannii Minoque

  4. Ghee says:

    The fact that Simon don’t want to see that his pal Louis Walsh, is the one who really ruined the Show. Simon thinks he can trust his pal, bcoz he thought his loyal to him. That’s why no matter how Louis ruin Xfactor, Simon blamed others like Gary Barlow! But, people actually watching the shit Show not bcoz of Louis, it’s Gary Barlow they want to watch!

  5. Nicola Bannister says:

    It would be nice to bring back Sharon Osbourne in the UK of the X Factor the jugeds are all very good every year its getting matter every year since I started watching the show back in 2010 and thats when had Simon Loui Cheryl and Dannii the people at home loves the X Factor and we dont want it finished because people at home loves it but bring back Sharon and Loui thank you so much

  6. mandy says:

    it will be nice to have simon cheryl and louis back witha possible return of mrs sharon osbourne and the roumors of going back to basics for next years x factor should bring the viewers back and ratings should go up again rather have a jet lagged simon cowell then a stony faced gary who obviuosly got fed up with the job please bring simon cheryl and mrs o back as well as louis after all he s the only original judge left