X Factor 2013: Viewers complain that DJ Thomas Feely and cat lover Colin Stacey were ‘ridiculed’

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Viewers have reportedly complained to ITV over the treatment of two different X Factor hopefuls on last Saturday’s show.

DJ Thomas Feely was featured first and it may have been less than subtly implied that he was a bit boring, as the programme makers played the Hovis theme tune in the background while he told staff about his journey to the hotel saying:

I got up at three in the morning and then I hve a little Yorkshire terrier which I took out for a walk. After that I went off to get myself changed and ready and then headed in towards the train station. I waited 20-25 minutes for the train and got the tram from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Trafford and then I’ve walked it all the way from there to here.

After his performance of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder, Gary Barlow looked at a ratings / feedback form that Tom had provided him with saying:

“I could probably fill this out right now actually. ‘How was your DJ tonight?’ Awful. ‘Did you have a good time tonight?’ No. ‘Please describe our entertainment, rate it out of ten’ Zero. ‘Would you use out services again?’ No.”

colin stacey x factor

Next up was cat lover Colin Stacey, who sang Adele’s Someone Like You while clutching a framed photo of his cat Patch. After singing along and trying to keep Colin in tune, the judges giggled and Nicole Scehrzinger said:

“Did you hear us? We were trying to help you.”

Last night a spokesman for the hit show defended the auditions and said: “The welfare of contestants is our key priority.”

What do you think X Factor fans? Leave your comments below….

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One Response to “X Factor 2013: Viewers complain that DJ Thomas Feely and cat lover Colin Stacey were ‘ridiculed’”

  1. John Stroud says:

    Actually, they were both rubbish and equally boring! The judges comments were not unkind, they attempted to let the wannabees down lightly and with humour.

    My question would be that are the people that see them before they see the judges the guilty ones for putting such no-hopers in front of the judges and the millions of viewers who were probably thinking exactly what the judges said-I know that my family was!!