X Factor: Alexandra Burke, Little Mix, Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis to battle in the charts in March?

The big X Factor chart battle normally takes place around October / November each year however it looks like there may be another big competition taking place in just a few weeks time.

Former stars of the ITV show Alexandra Burke, Little Mix, Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis will all reportedly be releasing new music this March and will go head to head in the UK charts before Easter.

Alexandra recently revealed that her new single ‘Elephant’ has been postponed and will be released on March the 11th. It is the third delay to the release date, since Burke departed from Simon Cowell’s record label SYCO last year.

Leona Lewis will be releasing her delayed album Glassheart the same month and there are some rumours that she will also be releasing a second single from the record, despite disappointing sales of her latest effort ‘Collide.’

It has been claimed that ‘Promise This’ hitmaker Cheryl Cole will also premiere a single from her third solo album in March and insiders told The Daily Star that the star is ‘confident’ it will be her best record so far.

Last but not least it has been claimed that SYCO are hoping to rush release Little Mix’s new album this spring, most likely because they know if they leave it much longer people may have forgotten who they are.

Who do you think will triumph and who (if any) will be humiliated with poor sales and bad press? Leave your comments below.

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8 Responses to “X Factor: Alexandra Burke, Little Mix, Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis to battle in the charts in March?”

  1. JJ says:

    Little Mix!!!

  2. cla says:

    LEONA LEWIS! Shes is the best by far. And deserves the win most. The worst singing wise is cheryl cole but knowing the way the music industry goes these days she’ll probably be the one who gets to the top.

  3. Martin says:

    Cheryl cole im excited about, I think little mix should wait off a bit longer as its abut of a rush three months, leona and Alex will do well, also Tulisa has an album out march 3rd

  4. Anonymous says:

    Leona Lewis is a 1 hit wonder though cos since Bleeding Love what other number 1 hit has she had in the UK? She sold out to the American’s as soon as she won the X Factor here. Now she resorts to ruining original songs by singing covers too. Cheryl Cole reminds me of Katy Perry vocally but she needs better songs like Perry to get another hit too. Love Little Mix cos they can sing, but what a boring song Cannonball is eh. I don’t care that much for Alexandra Burke music though, she can sing but her songs are terrible though. New song writer maybe?

  5. Oliver says:

    Leona Lewis #1
    Alexandra Burke #2
    Cheryl Cole #3
    Little Mix #100

  6. ho says:

    This is a fix like the x factor competition. Alex is the best, in my opinion. Leona can sing, but she is boring. Cheryl tweed is a violent joke with no talent what so ever. It’s a fix that thug cheryl will win after all it is a big nasty fix

    Alex 1
    Leona 2
    0 Cheryl sleeping with simon and she got no talent only there because she beat up a black woman.

  7. Blackmusic says:

    Alex Burke but it will go to Cheryl because simon own the charts.

  8. Blackmusic says:

    Alex sold million records……..