X Factor: Alexandra Burke refuses to have bodyguards after death threats

Sadly, being in the public eye leaves people wide open to abuse, and sometimes, as in the case of Alexandra Burke – who of course won X Factor in 2008 – and other celebrities, that abuse is sometimes frightening in its intensity.

And it’s been reported by the Daily Star Sunday today that in the last week, Alexandra has been bombarded with vile death threats via Twitter.

Her family and friends are so worried for her safety that they’ve begged her to hire bodyguards, but feisty Alexandra has refused, saying, “Can you imagine me walking around with a massive, beefy man by my side? I just wouldn’t want that.”

She added, “I wouldn’t walk around all day with a bodyguard because of all this.

“I’m hoping that’s an end to it now and I can just go back to normal. I think it’s done.”

The “end of it” that Alexandra mentioned relates to the fact that police were brought in to investigate the Twitter threats, which included one message that read, “I’m coming, and I’ll murder you!”

Another read, “I’m going to kill you tonight, gonna stab you, prepare to die.”

Alexandra’s brother David Burke replied to the tweets, saying, “I DARE you to try bring harm to Alex… And see what will happen! Don’t f**k with us.”

A spokesman for Alexandra is quoted in the Mail on Sunday as saying, “Alex is fine. The police will be looking into the abusive tweets.”

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