X Factor boss confirms Simon Cowell crisis talks – considering change of time slot, judges & format!


Simon Cowell is returning to the UK in January, for the start of the Britain’s Got Talent judges auditions and while in the country he and his X Factor team will be having a series of crisis talks about the future of the show.

Ratings have fallen drastically over the past two years and ever since Cowell left the ITV show viewers have been tuning out in their millions. Last weekend’s final was the least watched since 2006 and almost ever week the singing show lost the ratings battle to BBC rival Strictly Come Dancing.

Richard Holloway, Executive Producer of the series confirmed that he and Simon will be looking at every area of the show, the format and the air times to see what can be improved, what needs to be changed and what is being scrapped for the 2013 series.

He told The Guardian:

“There is not one element we will not be looking at carefully – from judges and start times to auditions and glitzy productions.”

x factor judges

Richard also revealed that he wants Simon back on the panel next year though he did admit this may prove ‘impossible.’

Holloway believes that one problem facing the show is it’s timeslot. This year the show moved later and later so as to avoid a clash with Strictly but that meant that it became less of a family show and instead parents with children tuned in to BBC, or watched something else altogether.

“This is a bit of a raw nerve,” the TV boss said. “The X Factor is a family show. If I could pick my start time, it would be 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. At the latest we should be off air at 9.30pm. It allows the kids to stay up, and older ones to watch and then go out and drink; 10pm is too late and our larger shows are coming off air at 10.30pm.”

Some insiders have suggested that ITV rest the series and allow people to become nostalgic about the format, before staging a return down the line. However an industry expert has admitted that this is unlikely, as ITV have nothing to replace their big cash cow.

louis walsh, simon cowell

“ITV has to bring The X Factor back: it has nothing else up its sleeve,” they said. “It should have bought The Voice instead of letting the BBC get it.”

Richard concluded:

“There are conflicting views. There are those who say they just want to hear and see the song, but for the vast majority this is an entertainment extravaganza and we want to make it the best. Sometimes we go too far, but as the show progressed this time we did cut back. It is a singing contest.”

“It’s our 10th anniversary in 2013, and we want it to be amazing.”

Simon is reportedly trying to win Cheryl Cole over and convince her to return to The X Factor for 2013 and if she doesn’t agree, it’s been claimed that Sharon Osbourne is waiting in the wings for a comeback.

What would you like to see on the show next year? How do you think the format can be improved? Leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “X Factor boss confirms Simon Cowell crisis talks – considering change of time slot, judges & format!”

  1. RC says:

    Cancel it. Start all over with new show new format and make it about the singers and music NOT the judges and talentless ppl who are there to only make drama and talk. This isn’t bgt a variety show x factor is supposed to be a music show.

  2. Max says:

    Don’t change the judging panel. Changing it every single year does not help people grow attached to the judges.

  3. jim says:

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  4. Audrey Watson says:

    Hey this is for Simon Cowell i do not know if he will get to read this comment but this is for him anyway. Have you ever thought of doing a big UK X Factor Karaoke Competition with auditions for this all around the country. There are loads and loads of Karaoke singers out there who sings in there local pubs around the country and for them to have there own big competition like that would be so awesome for all those Karaoke Fans out there to showcase there talent.I know this sort of competion probably will never happen in the UK but who knows ? just something to think about in the future Simon.

  5. DJ P says:

    Right, at lease some talks are happening out there. Firstly, about changing the time slot, this can be a possibility, however it may not always win you the viewers, keep the 8pm slot on Sunday, but the earliest on saturday, make it 7:30pm. I know that some shows will be finishing late, but this time slot I think is the best for live shows, just don’t make them so long for goodness sake, aspecialy the first live show of the series.
    Talking about the format of the show, well it has been going down since 2010, right now X Factor gets more Ibiza clowns on the live show, the most recent example is Rylan, true he was a fantastic source of visual entertainment, however he was not a good singer, which he himself admited many times. I do understand that the producers want to make the show better each year, however for how Old X Factor is right now, I would say bring back the basic formular and believe me the viewers will come back, also do the same thing with the judges, but don’t change them each year, as like many people on this site already said, it will not help at all, if anything it will make it worse.

  6. Lauren Johnson says:

    So good new plans are in place as this year’s show looked tired and a bit desperate and the ridiculous exit of pure talent to make way for glitzy schmaltz signalled it’s downward spiral even more. The rescuing dream team for me should be Simon (naturally) Louis (of course) Sharon ( tried and trusted) and yes, Cheryl perhaps – she and Sharon have never been mixed and the two might be a great combination. The 2013 show, in my opinion will be the last chance it has to redeem itself and climb out of impending obscurity, alongside so many of its contestants. But I doubt that this highly prized, hugely-in-demand (and very expensive) team will be gathered – Gary and co. did their bests but it now needs a huge injection of know-how to

  7. Maureen says:

    This show needs a rest. We the viewers need a rest. We the newspaper purchasers need a rest from the bargage of media coverage the show gets.

    If the show is to return it should do so in 2014 on a much smaller scale. Intimate private and professional auditions with only the best ones being shown on TV.

    Let the viewers have quality and not quantity.

    Stop using the fancy lights fireworks and large scale arenas. You should also stop using loud cheap backing tracks and instead use live musicians.

    If the show is about singers use a theatre, use a jazz club, lets not discount the function of karaoke find a public house or club with a concert room. You could use a church or community centre and sports facilities function rooms. You could also use a TV studio. Let wanabes get to know an audience for real in a smaller setting.

    For the judging panel use a combination of people from all aspects of the music business in these intimate settings.

    I say this because people other than the so called stars have existed for decades in the background. Real music industry mentors, real singing teachers not gurus full of promises, real musicians, industry recording engineers know a lot about the voice in the studio and could run a crash course on microphone technique far better than a singing teacher.

    A good wanabe needs to undergo a real learning curve and 10 – 12 weeks just doesn’t do it.

    The show should take a good 9 to 12 months from start to finish and needs to provide the kind of training you would get on a basic level music training course, and that is just to install a real interest in the work ethic professionals have.

    As far as the show goes. Alternate week on week off showing of the auditions could take place in the first three months prior to the 9 months of the shows training programme.During the 3 months of auditions the show needs to explain things professionally what it will mean and all the ins and outs of how contestants will live, especially where money is an issue.

    Also it would pay Simon to take on board that the show has lost its way because it has become too large and judging centred. It has also been more about watching the desperate, with millions of hard luck stories.

    Remember viewers need convincing that you care about real singers.