X Factor: Craig Colton teases new ‘indie’ album

Craig Colton has revealed that he will be hitting the recording studio this week, to begin work on his debut album.

The Liverpudlian star was eliminated from The X Factor in week seven and will soon embark on the show’s nationwide tour, however before he starts rehearsals for it, he is keen to get moving on his new material.

During an interview on This Morning today, Craig revealed that he was starting work on his new songs soon and explained:

We’ve all been really busy, gigging everywhere and then starting writing and recording. This week is the first week [in the recording studio].

On what style we can expect to hear on his first album, the former biscuit factory worker added:

It’s very indie and it’s very acoustic and it’s got a nice little hint of jazz.

But Craig admitted that he does feel a great deal of pressure to get his music out quickly, as he wants to release the album before people forget who he is. He continued:

The show gives you this massive platform and when it finishes the weekly pressure is gone, but there is more pressure because if we want to come back and do something, now is the time.

As yet Colton has not been signed to a record label, though it is expected that SYCO will make their announcements this month on which stars they will pick up.

Watch Craig perform Jar Of Hearts below and tell us, would you buy his debut album?

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10 Responses to “X Factor: Craig Colton teases new ‘indie’ album”

  1. Gavin martin says:

    I love Craig’s voice. It was a good thing that the boys did not win because the boys would have flop if they won

  2. Denise says:

    I can’i wait to buy it love his down load his songs from the show play it every day

  3. gudrun reynolds says:

    I cant wait to buy his album he has a unique voice and deserves all the fame thats going to come his way ,love him to bits :)

  4. Annette says:

    I will definitely buy his album, he had the best voice on the XFactor and should of one!

  5. Chris says:

    Without a doubt had the most passionate and most powerful voice in the competition. Very soothing to listen to and exciting too when he hits the chorus.

    Desperately hope he does well in his life, and I’ll certainly support him by purchasing his album.

    Surprised you didn’t pick his Paparazzi rendition to showcase above, was one of the performances of the competition – I certainly recommend watching it if anyone hasn’t yet already.

  6. Issybelle says:

    Truly amazing,versatile,rich and powerful voice! Indie accoustic with a hint of jazz? Absolutely what I want to hear I think the album promises to be a real treat.Can’t wait.

  7. sarah says:

    Craig has the most original voice since i first heard Mick Hucknall. absolutely full of soul and passion – i cant wait to buy his album as i have all his xfactor performances on my ipod and constantly play them


  8. ellen odaly says:

    I would definitely buy his album. I love Craig’s voice!

  9. Tricia Braid says:

    I can’t wait to buy his album. He has an astounding voice that leaves me with goose bumps.