X Factor: Danyl Johnson is GAY claims his former boss


The former boss of X Factor’s Danyl Johnson, has claimed that the singer is not bisexual but 100% gay. Paige Bond, who managed a boyband that Danyl was in, claimed that he came out to her in 2003, but was nervous about how that news would be received by fans of the band.

Bond told The News Of The World:

“He was so nervous the day he came out the closet to me. I thought he was going to quit the band. Then he said, ‘I’m gay.’

“He was very specific. He didn’t say anything about being bisexual. I didn’t care if he was gay, but I got the sense Danyl was well aware of how being open about it could damage his career.”

She added: “I never got the impression he fancied women. But then I never saw him date anyone because he was so focused on his career.”

She added: “I would never have guessed he was gay. But if the band had gone on to have success, let’s just say Danyl wouldn’t have been broadcasting his sexuality.”

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