X Factor fix? Did executive producer Richard Holloway tell Louis Walsh to choose Rylan Clark over Carolynne Poole (PICTURES)

Louis Walsh seemed nervous on tonight’s X Factor show, as he was left with the deciding vote between bottom two contestants Rylan Clark and Carolynne Poole.

He stuttered, stammered, and hesitated over his words after the sing off between the pair and first chose to save Carolynne, before opting to send the show to deadlock and allow the result to be based on the public voting figures.

Speaking on The Xtra Factor Tulisa Contostavlos admitted that Louis ‘panicked’ when he was put on the spot and some sources think they know why.

As Carolynne was singing her save me song, some eagle eyed viewers spotted a member of staff whispering in Louis’ ear. In fact the picture below shows that the Irish star wasn’t even looking at the stage for some of the Poole’s performance, as he bent down, facing away from the judges table to speak to the mystery person.

Some journalists have claimed that the man in question was X Factor boss Richard Holloway and of course the speculation has been rife.

Many people have claimed that the show’s executive producer was telling Walsh to save Rylan, so that his dramatic antics and outbursts could go on to make headlines and help boost ratings for the series.

Showbiz reporter Dan Wootton tweeted:

“Richard Holloway is the most powerful man on X Factor other than Simon Cowell. Hard not to think he was talking to Louis about the vote off.”

The Mirror’s deputy TV editor Mark Jefferies – who was in the audience this evening – shared the picture in question saying:

‘For anyone who missed it on screen, this is the moment during the sing off when Louis Walsh spoke to Richard Holloway:’

Holloway is of course the man who was responsible for Cheryl Cole’s sacking from The X Factor USA last year and controls everything that goes on in the singing competition, along with his old pal Simon Cowell.

Responding to the allegations, an ITV spokesperson has defended Louis’ decision and said:

“Carolynne had the least amount of public votes. Producers always chat to judges during the show.”

What do you think X Factor fans? Do you think the result was fixed tonight? We really want to hear your thoughts and ponderings in the comments section below…

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61 Responses to “X Factor fix? Did executive producer Richard Holloway tell Louis Walsh to choose Rylan Clark over Carolynne Poole (PICTURES)”

  1. stephen says:

    i saw the man talk to walsh during show and straight away knew what was going to happen. IT IS A FIX. the show is a joke if not going to run as a way to find a ‘star’ and should be cancelled by ITV or forced off by the TV governing body as another public deceiving progrmme

  2. Janey says:

    I spotted it too and instantly thought It’s a Fix. The way Louis stumbled, wouldn’t answer or look at Carolynne proves to me that he was ordered to choose Rylan. They already knew that she had the lowest public vote, so he could vote for Rylan and save face by blaming the public. You could however, clearly see that Louis didn’t want to vote for Rylan. If he hadn’t, he probably would be sacked at the end of the series. This is tantamount to fraud, as people pay a lot of money to vote for a fair contest.

  3. Tom says:

    I wonder what Tulisa was writing down when she was talking to Louis. If she was just saying to him he had to choose between Carolynne and Rylan then why not just say “It’s either Carolynne or Rylan”. She wrote something down and was pointing at it saying “It’s either this person or THIS person”.

  4. jjohnf says:

    an absolute fix

  5. laura says:

    It was an absolute joke. as soon as I seen that man talk to Louis it was clear it was gonna be a fix. I’m actually debating deleting the series link for xfactor. I’ve watched it every week without fail since it started years ago, and I’ve never been so p****d off about something on tv. Rylan can’t sing. He is pathetic. Nicole needs sacking for taking him through to live shows. Poor carolynne. She deserves that spot just as much… If not more than the other 11 contestants… I say 11 cos rylan shouldn’t count. from what I have read just from my friends on facebook straight after this. The producers have screwed themselves over cos a heck of a lot of people are gonna stop watching this. What a joke.

  6. lorraine says:

    is it allowed in the rules for louis to say he wanted to save carolyn then change his mind ? fix fix fix im absolutely gutted ive watched this show since it first began and now im really starting to believe that theres just something not right ? louis is a disgrace to the xfactor bring bak cheryl and simon they know how to judge and there fair ?

  7. lorraine says:

    it should definately be the judges first answer abnd louis said he wanted to save carolyn ? what a joke louis needs sacking ?

    • Julie says:

      I always likes Louis but this is a joke Caroline was the better singer & he messed it up for her last year. I think you have passed your sell by date… This is a singing contest not a sexuality contest. Time for Louis to go & Caroline to come back…

      • shady says:

        you dead right julie louis does the same every year . but without all this cheating and fixing the show would be nothing , the bookies would make nothing , the show wouldnt make any money , the true singers would simply walk thru to the finals , and am not thinking for 1 minute there were more votes for the dumbass queer with no idea

  8. Eric says:

    It’s a fix there’s no doubt about it why would a producer be having a so called chat as when the 2 final contestants are battling it out for their life changing careers, and Louis should be glued watch carolynne as it is a life changing opportunity for her it not the time and place to be having a chat what a load of BOLLOCKS that’s all I can say I’m finished watching it now.

  9. Steve Todd says:

    Louis blamed the public for Carolynne being voted off . Complete joke, if the lodges don’t make their decision based on the save me song then what is the point of the sing off?
    The powers that be should seriously look at this show and whether it is cheating the audience who vote and watch week after week. Every year there is a novelty act that causes good singers to be sent home. It’s a complete con.

  10. aaron says:

    They broke rules and disrupted carolynes. Performance even she noticed the man while she sang WHATS. POINT OF SING OFF im no longer watchin unless carolynes back COMPLAIN to offcom.org

  11. wendy says:

    Very disappointed in this whole fiasco. You simply cannot play with peoples lives like that. It really does not matter if the show are claiming that it was not a fix, its gotten to the point that nobody believes a word they say anyway. Louis has been trying to promote more and more novelty acts over the years. I don’t think he is a bad person just simply deluded if he really believes that these dime a dozen novelty acts is what the british public want to see. Simon Cowell shows no interest in the UK show anymore, so why should any of us really care either?

  12. aaron says:

    OFCOM.ORG iits the governing body for tv

  13. Cazza says:

    it seemed such a fix and unfair that dermot asked Louis who he was sending home again after he had already said Rylan. Poor Carolyn she even heard it.We are all refusing to watch it now. what a farce.

  14. Bernie Tuffs says:

    please, if you really believe it was a fix as I do, complain to OFCOM. It takes just a few minutes. Writing messages on all these boards won’t stop this happening again or make ITV or X factor listen to you, but if OFCOM investigate they’ll at least have a small headache to deal with for a time!!!!! Least they deserve IMO!
    Come on, let’s break OFCOM’s site flooding it with complaints!!!

  15. Alice says:

    If the producers had decided that Rylan should stay as he would bring in more viewers they are deluded, everyone wants to see the best singers stay and he was the weakest singer in the contest so he should have gone. He’s had his exposure and will get work in Ibiza or wherever, so time to let go!

  16. shaun says:

    total joke of a show doubt if ofcom has the balls to do anything regarding this obvious fix but i hope itv decide to pull the plug before their reputation gets dragged through the mud for supporting what happened last night

  17. Mike C says:

    Listen very carefully, I will say this only once…

    Louis Walsh is a totally spineless prat: forcing deadlock was the most cowardly act I’ve ever witnessed on TV, bar none, and went totally against the rules of a “sing-off”. Carolynne Poole has more talent in her little toenail than Rylan Clark EVER could have in the whole of his lanky body.

    Walsh should be sacked as a judge, because he obviously doesn’t understand – or, perhaps, wish to abide by – the rules. If it was the Executive Producer that was behind it, then he should be banned from production of reality TV: this was UNREAL!

    Carolynne: I’LL buy your music and I REALLY hope you make it on BOTH sides of the Pond; good luck, Lass!

  18. Joker says:

    What a joke something has to be done now fix !!!!!!

  19. agreen5531 says:

    Tulisas face said it all as she knew what was going to happen and it showed. I can not watch this anymore and Ofcom should investigate.

    • Andy says:

      I tend to agree with this, as later Dermot said he asked again because he had to be told “who do you want to send home?”. So, if that’s the case, why did he accept “I want to take it to deadlock”

      Definitely a fix in my opinion

  20. Maz says:

    A fix for sure, someone spoke to Louis during the sing off. When Louis saved Carolyn Dermot wouldn’t accept that answer and pushed Louis as it was the wrong answer. Rylan’s singing is worse than you see in a pub on a Saturday night, and it proves its not a singing contest. This brings the judges integrity into question. Also notice on the after show Tulisa was not her normal self and seemed distant suggesting that something had gone on behind the fake front! Disgusting and should be reported as suggested above. Feel for Ella great talent and could overshadowed by this!!

  21. Paul says:

    its a total joke, its supposed to be a talent contest and yet again we are voting off, taletented people to save a moron who cant sing who just hams it up
    finshed with the show and it should be looked into to

  22. niloc says:

    Its clearly fixed and I suggest that most of the contestants know that when they apply to go on the show.
    Say what you like about it but its a good way to get some publicity. i.e Lucy Spraggan is not likely to win the show buy she will become popular. Not everyone’s cup of tea but she has talent by the bucket load.
    More fool the people who actually vote.

  23. Jane says:

    It seems like Louis has been made the scapegoat again. You could see he was agonising over this and didn’t want to save Rylan. Yes, it’s manipulated but I do think it will make for more sensational Saturday night viewing. I did feel sorry that they had to cut Carolyn short at the end and didn’t show her best bits. She handled it all very well.

  24. Bryan says:

    So it’s the new version of WWE wrestling. Only these are real people’s lives and careers the producers are playing with. The show Should now come with a disclaimer and if Gary Barlow really is wanting of a knighthood he should keep walking, all the way home!

  25. joanne davidson says:

    WHAT A JOKE LOUIS WALSH IS – He clearly stated he wanted to keep ‘Carolynne’ and she heard it for sure, I don’t have a problem with Rylan but he knew he was going, he was ready for it, this turns the show into an absolute joke and the only way to save face is if they twist it and bring Carolynne back next week for a fair chance, they can always sent 2 home next week.

    This is the only way they will redeem themselves so come on guys, get on to Ofcom and say they should have her back another week.

    Louis, you are unprofessional, spineless and I have lost all respect for you, if the producers DID tell you to take it to deadlock then you should have refused, we would have ALL been on your side, you should be the first to suggest that Carolynne come back next week.

  26. lisa says:

    i’d love to know out of every single person that is complaining here about carolynne being voted off, how many of you actually voted for her?? She got the least votes simple as and if you watch it back you hear louie saying “i want to save carolynne and i want to save rylan” then he said “i want to go to deadlock.” Bet if rylan got voted off people wouldnt give a crap about what that man was saying to louie.

    • joanne davidson says:

      If you actually LISTEN to Louis, he said at the very end when making his decision, ‘I want to keep Carolynne, I want to keep Carolynne’, I DID vote for her, I like Rylan but that is what Louis said and that is the decision that should have been taken and accepted.

      No one can possibly deny that is the fairest way and that she should have another chance because of this farce last night.

    • kelly m says:

      I didn’t vote for anyone as I don’t want to give shit factor my money! thats the problem great singers are losing out big time because of idiots like that Rylon I am won’t be suprised if he wins it coz at this rate it will only be his fans watching the show and heres the reply I sent to the last Rylons fan…..
      he (louis)made his mind up on who he was going to save and was asked to repeat it as dermot did not hear but we the public heard and he chose to save carolyne to stay therefore Rylon to go just because dermot did not hear this does not give louis the rights to change what he had already committed too.

  27. Terry Carter says:

    Problem is the public hasn’t really been defrauded. Much as I would have preferred her to stay, Carolynne polled the fewest votes so in a way the public actually got its wish with her departure. I would ideally see Rylan Clark – simply a TV whore who wants fame at any cost – voted off

  28. Andy says:

    There have been many fixes over the years usually involving Louis. It’s time this idiot was removed from the show. The number of fixes definitely demand an investigation by Oftel. I shall be emailing themm and ask every one, who thinks it was fixed, to do the same.

  29. SteveB says:

    Richard Hollowa is def sleeping with Ryian. A discrease on UK, look at US X Factor!

  30. SteveB says:

    Is there a need for the four of them, when Richard Hollowa is running the show?

  31. Den D says:

    Of course X factor is a fix, its the same as all other so-called reality shows, game shows, quizzes etc on tv- they are not depicting reality, they are entertainment shows. I have first-hand experience of this, having ben on a quiz show when I was told before recording who the winner would be. The people on TOWIE, gypsy wedding, BB, are told how to behave, egged on to be outrageous. I’ve often spotted so-called members of the public in fly-on-the-wall programmes later showing up in other programmes as actors. A woman in one ‘reality’ programme about ‘ordinary’ Londoners later was a nurse in Casualty! This trickery involves manipulating the contestants and viewers in order to lift the viewing figures, so of course the producrers have no scruples in doing so.
    By all means carry on watching, if you enjoy the drama, but don’t be fooled into thinking its reality.

  32. Carl says:

    I think people are missing the bigger point here. The only way they could keep Rylan in the show is by going to deadlock.

    Who knows who actually got the least votes? They are keeping Rylan in for the entertainment.

    IMO Rylan got the least votes, the producers knew the judges would chose Carolynn, so they made sure it went to deadlock so they could ‘pretend’ Carolynn had the least votes.

    Complete fix, i don’t think we can blame Louis, you could clearly see how torn he was between making the right decision or the wrong decision.

  33. Darren says:

    This was fixed, Dermot new when he was asking Louis that he was told to take to deadlock that why when he said I want to save Carolyn and send Rylan home Dermot asked Louis if he was sure, This whole show is a farce and there should be an inquiry, Louis was clearly told to take to deadlock and Dermot knew this and that why he didnt go with Louis first decision because he knew this is not what show bosses wanted.

  34. Julie, Glasgow says:

    It’s nothing to do with the judges. It’s the producers who tell the judges who to put through. It’s predictable from the auditions who is going through as it’s the ones they always have the interviews/sob stories in the queues for the auditions. The producers pick people they want to go to live shows and make it happen. I just think if the judges know what is going on they should walk away with their integrity intact. How could someone like Nicole actually think Rylan is talented. The X-factor in the states or American Idol for example are talent competitions. There is NEVER a joke act on these shows which makes it so much more credible and enjoyable to watch real talent. As for me. I am switching off and I hope everyone else does too.

  35. Stephanie says:

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. The judges together chose to send Rylan to judges houses. Yes Nicole put him through to the live shows.
    Carolynne was at judges houses last year and didn’t make it to the live shows. This year yes she got to the live shows but has failed to make a connection with audiences causing her to be in the bottom 2.
    People give off every year that it’s not fair that the judges get to have the final say on who goes out, so Louis made the right choice in sending it to deadlock because then the audience get their say!! Louis did say “I want to save Carolynne” but if you listened to Dermot on xtra factor he said “the judges have to say who they are sending home, not who they are saving” so yes Louis could still change his mind as he had not said who he was sending home!!
    If people really want Rylan out of X factor then vote for your fav act so they get through! Simple!!!

    • Tom says:

      In that case why did he accept “I want to send it to deadlock”. He did not at any point say “I want to send Carolynne home”.

    • kelly m says:

      he made his mind up on who he was going to save and was asked to repeat it as dermot did not hear but we the public heard and he chose to save carolyne to stay therefore Rylon to go just because dermot did not hear this does not give louis the rights to change what he had already committed too.

  36. Ghee says:

    MONEY RULES THE WORLD, EVEN A CRAP SHOW! THE ONLY SHIT XFACTOR SHOW is in the UK, coz evry xfactor show in the world showed credibility and seriousity, except UK.

  37. Tina says:

    I thought rylan sang well last night. I was very surprised as I was convinced he was going home before I heard him tonight. BUT THEN carolnne sang so amazingly that there was no way she should of gone home. Yes Rylan was good last night but no where near as good as Carolynne. I believe it was fixed too. I also spotted the secret chat with Louis. I expect millions saw it.No doubt if Rylan had been lowest on public votes the Louis would have been told to axe Carolynne !!!!!

  38. Elaine says:

    Axe xfactor, it’s a bloody disgrace! The amount of great singers that are on this programme and r thrown off cos of entertainment value!!!!! Singing contest or entertainment contest that’s the question? Def a fix.

  39. Angela Holden Davies says:



    I think also when they dave there own “CRAP ACT ” instead of a worthy contestant IT IS VERY WRONG !!!



  40. shell says:

    It were deffo a fix Carolynne should have gone through she has been the better singer than that rylan I never miss x factor but after this stunt they have now lost me as a viewer :-(

  41. Ali says:

    An utter disgrace & yes my complaint has been made to Ofcom & to viewerservices@itv.com. Please can everyone do the same or nothing will get done about it.
    It may well only be just a TV show but the British public are being conned here & this should not be allowed to happen.
    Absolutely disgusted that ITV can get away with this.
    Louis is clearly shown talking to one of the producers & gave his opinion that Carolynne should be saved but Dermot kept dithering – what exactly are the rules here as I thought it was only the 1st answer could be accepted!

  42. kelly m says:

    its got to be banned surely!!! louis chose his winner and it was caroline 100% but then retracted it after dermot asked him to repeat it and he said something entirely different this should not be aloud!!!! she needs to be brought back and rylan gone as it should be his first decision stands!!!

  43. Sunraged says:

    The bigger picture is that programmes like this destroy the music industry by minimising the public’s access to choice, and by monopolising the charts. The X Factor has to be a fix because it and Simon Cowell can not afford for it not to be (in metaphorical terms of course). We have never had as little exposure to what is out there musically as we do now as Radio 1 is now focusing on 4 year olds, X Factor is on prime time, the media constantly plug the manufactured music machine, and the Brit School, have robbed us of the true soul behind music.

    Oh, and of course Louis was “asked” to change his vote-but then how do we even know that Caroline “really” had the lowest amount of votes? ;)

  44. Tav says:

    I like many have enjoyed watching the Xfactor since the very beginning. Simply because I enjoy listening to talented people sing. Last night was the final straw for me. Simon Cowell should be ashamed of himself. Obviously, everybody including the shows producers already know that Carolynne Poole hasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of winning but it doesn’t give them the right to abuse her like that. She is most definitely a serious talent, maybe not very saleable or marketable in their eyes but still, a very talented women. Rylan Clark(e) on the other hand can’t sing for toffee. He is miles away from anyone else in the “competition” as far as vocal ability goes.
    Things never change. Exploitation makes money. They just don’t care who’s live’s they destroy to get it.
    I would suggest to BOYCOTT the show which I myself will be doing but I know most won’t. Why not just boycott the votes? They make an obscene amount of money from the joke voting and the bull***t competition, £1.54 to enter!!!
    The show is fixed. They’ve just proved to the entire nation that they engineer it. Leona Lewis was portrayed as a lowly receptionist when in fact was very highly and expertly trained and groomed into what she’s become at the Sylvia Young school. They request that specific people enter. With the amount of money they make from votes and the like it more than covers what it cost’s to provide a recording contract for an individual. If they flop it hasn’t cost them anything. Basically, the public pay for their little pop star experiments.
    I’ll be making a complaint to OFCOM, I would urge everybody to do the same.

  45. golls says:

    I have watch x factor from the start and I’m never being so disappoint in the show, it a pure joke I am not happy one bit with the show. I don’t blame Louis because he had to put it to deadlock or he would lose his job at the year, I blame the show for trying to bring in viewer. ITV has to do something with the show; I think bring the girl back and give her change. She might not win the show but she might do well out of it. Olly murs was in the bottom with jedward and he got the less vote that night, and look where he is now , if they put in to dead lock that night he would have been out, but they didn’t and look how well he doing, so why could they not do the same last night?

  46. Rob Hume says:

    Louis has no backbone, in fact he is a total waste of the space he is taking up. How can a supposed professional be employed as a judge, only to let himself be manipulated by some power hungry producer.

  47. Robert W says:

    total fix = maximum publicity

  48. snoop says:

    They should re-name it “X Fixer”. The only way to get rid of this show is to hurt their advertising revenues. So write to itv and tell them that you will not be buying any products that are advertised during the show, which by the way is practically every 10-12 mins in case you hadn’t noticed. Thats whats its all about, advertising revenue, the show and its content comes a distant second. The viewing figures are used to increase the amount that itv can charge for an advert during the show and a good portion of this is paid to cowell and his cronnies, so if you want them to take note, switch over when the ads come on or email the advertising companies you see during the over frequent breaks and tell them that you wont be buying any product from any company that is seen to be endorsing this farcical programme. Once the advertisers learn that being associated with the show is hurting their businesses and profits, trust me, they will stop spending millions on the adverts that you see every ten minutes and the end result of that will be “No More X Factor”. Nothing terrifies large companies more than a loss of profits. We the consumer have all the power, look what “rage against the machine did”, cowell was terrified!! Time for part 2!!!


    • Tav says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Snoop but the people of our once great country have lost their backbone. We could have such a impact if we stood together. Sadly it’ll never happen!

  49. sid says:

    Whats the point calling it a singing contest when the best singer has no chance of winning.I also think that a judge should not mentor singers,then come up with the line,i must vote for my own act.WHY.if you are a fair judge you vote for the best singer you hear that night.just sack them all and get some real judges.

  50. Tommy says:

    Simon Cowell slated the voice at least it was based on the voice rather than anything else total disgrace the show has lost all credit

  51. Madge says:

    My opinion is that before it ever reaches the live show stage that the auditions and everything got to do with this show is a farce. There’s no way on this earth that the families of some of the contestants would allow them to take part and to be humiliated the way they are. There has to be some payment involved. As for Simon Cowell, he’s just a pathetic little man with too much money to throw around and this gives the big headed little prat the idea that he is now God and should be adored by all.

    Nobody can blame Louis Walsh, he used to be bullied by Simon Cowell, but now it’s Gary Barlow in the bully seat. Louis should be entitled to his own opinion, but by Gary Barlow law that has no standing. The whole thing just makes me sick.

  52. Ghee says:

    I’m jus wondering why only in the UK Xfactor they let shit, ridiculous Candidates without Talents in the live shows, and keeping them longer than those talented Acts! Are the UK Viewers can easily inspire,? or easy to satisfy? Why Simon can’t do it in America?!!!