X Factor: Gary Barlow wants Louis Walsh sacked, we say replace him with Will Young!

Simon Cowell has reportedly already approached Gary Barlow about returning to The X Factor next year, however the Take That star is said to have one big condition before he signs on the dotted line.

Insiders say the dad of three is adamant that he will only return to the ITV show, if Cowell’s old pal and faithful judge of eight series, Louis Walsh, is sacked.

It seems that Gary (and possibly half of the British public) has gotten fed up with Louis’ inane and repetitive comments to the acts each week and has gotten more and more irate, with every ridiculous comparison the Irish star makes. It couldn’t have helped then, when he claimed Berry Gordy was dead on last week’s show.

A source told The Mirror:

“Gary and Louis have completely different ideas of what this show is all about. Gary wants it to be a credible singing contest and Louis sees it as ­entertainment.”

“Although he’s been outspoken defending his acts and ­criticising other people’s, Gary hates all the ­pantomime rowing and thinks Louis is behind most of it.

“The thought of ­another year with Louis is just too much for him to bear. He says he will only ­consider coming back if Louis leaves.”

When we think of Goldie Cheung, Wagner Carillho, Johnny Robinson, and Jedward we can’t help but agree with Gary. Louis seems like a nice old man, but he is looking more and more antiquated on every episode and his desperate attempts to be funny blatantly don’t work.

Yes, we enjoy his silly attempts to fake Kelly Rowland’s accent and of course, his little skits on the Xtra Factor used to be quite amusing. But without Westlife to manage, and after his latest group ‘Wonderland’ bombed, he doesn’t really have any musical credibility left.

We think it’s time he was replaced and we have just the man in mind…..wasn’t Will Young saying he’d love a bit of the talent show action recently?

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15 Responses to “X Factor: Gary Barlow wants Louis Walsh sacked, we say replace him with Will Young!”

  1. teresa fennelly says:

    it must be the new hair louie hahaha

  2. jenn says:

    Jedward have just been signed to headline an 80, 000 seater stadium concert in Germany ~ so obviously Louis has no idea what he is doing

  3. s says:

    “a source”…..yeah right! i’m having trouble picturing this being anything other than tabloid fodder – completely fabricated to make a story on a slow news day. (though in saying that, louis IS ridiculous. he’s a running gag. and that’s not just something he says or does, it’s literally the entire man himself)

  4. Notafan says:

    “Gary wants it to be a credible singing contest”

    Uh, he chose Frankie. Credible my a***

  5. TulisaFTW says:

    Gary should leave the competition! he’s the most bias judge outthere that son of a b#tch!

  6. Fliss says:

    I’d rather Barlow leave

  7. Gav Harrison says:

    Nowt but tabloid crap,I recall a few months back a article saying Louis already been offered a new contract,if anything get rid of Barlow he’s as boring as they come that bloke will put anyone to sleep.

  8. phil says:

    If any of this suggestion is true then I know who Simon will choose. Louis over Gary anyday. Louis didn’t get to choose the sector he had. Gary seemingly got the category he wanted ??? Louis has so much experience in the pop world with pr, marketing and a key aspect highlighted earlier – the european stage. Hence the likes of Jedward can get the gigs. Don’t be surprised that Louis will be the chosen mentor for Little Mix when their career kicks off as it inevitably will.

  9. Gia says:

    I would say, when the three young judges should return next year, aside Louis Walsh, Rick Astley could be a good replacement to Louis Walsh. Rick is also a huge singer around the world, and a competetive too! Gary and Rick understand each other and could also have a healthy competetion. Both of them are qualified and very serious Artist.

  10. Geena says:

    Gary isn’t boring judge! If he’s a boring judge, why mostly mad of him? It’s because he can also be rubbish and so nasty too! Before, everyone telling he could be boring, and then as he started to be Mr. Nasty, everybody loves him, when he gave critics, others telling he’s too rubbish. I don’t even understand what everybody wants from him! Atleast he’s not f**king FAKE, he’s not UNCOMPETETIVE (like Louis), and for most he actually knew what this Music business all about! He’S Singer, SOngqwriter, Producer and Record Label owner. Louis Walsh knew only how to take millions of cash from his managed artist. And his just dependinh from SYCO and Simon Cowell! Westlife are huge because of their mostly covered Songs, Boyzone are not really huge everywhere, Jedwards just UK and Ireland knew about this jokes acts!

  11. Regs says:

    Where in Germany please have the Jedwards signed a deal for 80,000 seater Stadium? I came from Germany, til’ now I haven’T heard something runour about this! Jedwards aren’t huge in Germany, as well as Westlife and Boyzone! Lena is the only one who knew Jedwards, no one else!

  12. Seymour says:

    Louis without any doubt. Please let Gary go.

  13. Max King says:


    Actually Jedward are hugely succesful in Germany and Europe, they’ve done lots of performances there, earning thousands each time, they were millionaires INDIVIDUALLY, after their first year, they were reported offered a couple million as well to play for some Sheikh in Qatar. They came 8th in Eurovision, beating big names like Blue.

    So I think overall, Jedward are very succesful and Louis spotted this potential and harnessed it.

    Louis will be judging on X factor long after that is Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland has passed.

  14. Regs says:

    Max King:
    I can’t really imagine that Jedwards are huge in Europe and in Germany than Take That! And more millionaires than Take That! I’m also living in a one big city in Germany, but I didn’t really ever heard something about Jedwards who have already made a concert in Germany with 80,000 seater Stadium. No…No…No! Maybe there, where you live in Dusseldorf, where the last year Eurovision held, on that night, who maybe more than 80,000 people watch the show, nut anywhere else? uhmmm

  15. coun3spice says:

    it is GARY BARLOW should leave! what a foolish man to ask someone from the show who is there since the beginning. mr. walsh is a pioneer of the show, from the time when x factor is just an ordinary singing search show until its glory days, how dare a gary barlow asked him to be sacked!

    for me, barlow is biased and very irrelevant, he should be the one to be kicked of the show, bring back simon cowell instead.

    one for louis here…