X Factor in crisis? ITV consider cancellation, Dannii Minogue refuses to return & Simon Cowell blames it all on Gary Barlow!

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X Factor producers are very worried about the future of the show, if The Daily Mail is to be believed today.

It is reported that Simon Cowell called crisis meetings earlier this week after the most recent Saturday show attracted it’s lowest amount of viewers since the first ever series in 2004.

Just over seven million people watched the Number Ones themed episode, 2.4 million less than watched Strictly Come Dancing on the same night and 4 million less than tuned in to watch starst such as One Direction and Matt Cardle compete for a record deal two years ago.

If the trend continues this year’s final could be the least watched since Steve Brookstein won nine years ago and already it is claimed that ITV stands to lose £10 million as a result.

The facts have bosses very worried and one insider told the newspaper:

‘We’re battling to save The X Factor right now. If it keeps going like this, ITV might not even want to renew the show after next year.’

They claim that Simon Cowell thinks a lot of the blame for the demise of the show lies with ‘humourless’ Gary Barlow, though many fans have claimed that this isn’t the case.

When we asked for your opinions, many readers suggested that it is the constant spin and the leaks that are putting them off, with one viewer writing:

“It’s losing its morale. There are so many leaks and gossipers surrounding them that it would be good if once they’ve chosen their contestants they should treat them as part of the family. The judges, hosts and all the management should protect them against bad publicity.”

Another commented:

“It’s all fixed these days. No point in anyone voting. All the fun has gone out of the show and there’s already too many ad breaks. It’s time to say goodbye. It’s had its day and now it’s time to move on.”

Sources say that Cowell is frantically trying to shake things up for next year but has been disappointed by Dannii Minogue’s refusal to return.

He had reportedly thought that when Australia’s Got Talent was cancelled she would be won over but since then the mum of one has been snapped up by rival TV network Channel 9.

A source says: ‘She’s absolutely not looking to return to X Factor.’

Another idea he is toying with is reportedly replacing presenter Dermot O’Leary with Xtra Factor duo Caroline Flack and Olly Murs.

What do you think X Factor fans? Do you think things can be turned around or has the X Factor had it’s day? Do you think Gary ‘Borelow’ is to blame and would a Danni, Cheryl Cole or Si Co return fix things? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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