X Factor: Is One Direction’s Harry Styles dating Syanne Patterson?

Photo by Shaun Colclough

Could this girl be Harry Styles new girlfriend?

Insiders say that the 16 year old singer, currently competing on The X Factor as part of boyband One Direction, is enjoying a steamy relationship with model Syanne Patterson.

Despite the 7 year age gap between them, the pair are said to have hit it off instantly backstage at the ITV show and sources say that they were caught snogging by show staff at the weekend.

A show source told The Sun:

“They’ve been seeing each other really hush-hush for a bit but producers started asking questions. He’s completely smitten.”

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9 Responses to “X Factor: Is One Direction’s Harry Styles dating Syanne Patterson?”

  1. Alex says:

    isnt that a bit weird for her to be
    going out with a 16 year old, if i
    was harry’s mum i would not allow it,
    it’s a bit sick to be honest, if he was
    18 then fine but 16? come on.

  2. OneDirectionLover says:

    course it isn’t true. all the other stories weren’t, they only publish these stories to decrease One Direction’s votes. Come on guys, ignore this. Keep voting!

  3. Ellie says:

    I Think they are all a cute couple but she is too old for him :L i don’t think it’s true though.

  4. lauren says:

    thats not true ! hes only 16 he probley jus got a picture with her she wouldnt go out with a 16 year old!! i feel bad because all the papers make up stories and thats sooo not fair ! leave them all alone !!

  5. amy says:

    thats a bit sick, if its even true.

  6. ellie says:

    i doubt this is even true. first of all i have watched so many interviews with harry styles and this girl is not his type, at all. harry seems to like more of the edgy, short haired pretty girls rather than older models. i dont even think she’s that pretty and i think its simply the papers trying to create a story. if it is true it certainly won’t last long.

  7. GeorgiaFlickChickx says:

    OMG Plz plz plz dnt let this be true!!!! It is soooo unfair Not 2 be rude She ain’t even pritty she is butters and it is sick!!! Soz how can a gorgious boy like Harry be with a Butters girl like her!!!!! She needs to fin sum 1 her own AGE!!!! A website bout Harry said dat she was pregnant 2!!

  8. AliceLovesHarry says:

    Its Discusting! Hes The Favourite out of one direction, the one all the girls love and hes rewind it!! The age difference is far too much…..

  9. LoveOneDirection.xx says:

    well the girls ugly…

    i friken hope it aint true