X Factor: JLS lads are all wearing Rochelle Wiseman masks for Marvin Humes’ stag do!

It seems that some of the members of JLS were a tad worried that fellow band mate, and groom in waiting Marvin Humes, may forget all about his fiancé Rochelle Wiseman while he and his mates are on an extended stag do for Marvin in Las Vegas…

So, to refresh his memory – and to perhaps ensure he doesn’t stray while in Sin City – Marvin’s JLS band mates decided to wear The Saturdays singer Rochelle face masks.

One of the revelers on Marvin’s stag trip told the Daily Star, “A bus pulled up to Las Vegas airport to take Marvin and nine of his closest mates up to their super-expensive hotel.

“When Oritsé got on the bus, he pulled out masks of Rochelle’s face and passed them around for everyone to wear…

“Oritsé then made a speech telling Marv to get used to Rochelle’s beautiful face being around 24/7 once they’re hitched.”

Oritisé is apparently in charge of events on the eight-day long do, and the Star reckons he’s got a strict timetable for the fun stuff, and has appointed himself chief joker too.

The insider added, “The lads have brought along a bag of goodies to keep them entertained and embarrass Marv.

“They were passing round a huge bottle of Grey Goose vodka on the bus.

“They have also spoken to the hotel manager about having a pool party.”

Stand by Las Vegas, this could well get very messy.

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