X Factor: Matt Cardle asks people not to ‘hate on’ his winner’s single ‘When We Collide’

Matt Cardle has asked people not to write off his debut single, just because it came from an X Factor winner.

The 27 year old Essex lad released his cover of Biffy Clyro’s ‘When We Collide’ after winning the ITV show last night and is hoping that it can make the Christmas number one spot. However after last year’s Rage Against The Machine campaign stopped 2009 winner Joe McElderry from claiming the festive honour, Matt is worried that people will try to make an example of him too.

Cardle told Phil and Holly on This Morning:

I know it’s a cover and what not but I think it’s an under rated song. I think it is absolutely beautifully written and I hope people don’t hate on it because it is affiliated with The X Factor.

I just want people to hear the song for what it is. I know it’s not the original but it’s almost the original, I haven’t done much with it.

It is a reflection of my taste in music, it was offered up and I grabbed the opportunity to sing it.

He also told Adrian and Christine on Daybreak:

All I can wish for now is that the people who voted for me will go out and get the record. I’m really happy with it because it’s not your average X Factor winner’s single.

Matt came from a band before the ITV show and does hope to be releasing more original content in the future. He considers himself to be a competent songwriter and added:

I’ve been writing ever since I could sing and play guitar, so since I was eleven, though I have come a long way since then vocally and in writing terms. I want to try and get my hand in here as soon as we get the chance in a studio. I’m looking forward to it.

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21 Responses to “X Factor: Matt Cardle asks people not to ‘hate on’ his winner’s single ‘When We Collide’”

  1. exactly twat with the hat hope he fails n synco drop him like the rest of the males!

  2. Siobhan says:

    Its an amazing song, and I agree with him thats its definitely underrated. It makes a nice change from the usual winners singles too. I’m not a massive fan of the show, but Matt’s definitely talented. So I hope he does well, and that people do try and judge him as an artist, not just an X Factor winner.

  3. Angry guy 93 says:


  4. venicelagoon says:

    Too bland to hate and too bland to buy, unfortunately.

    Preferred the Fire Work song.

  5. potter says:


  6. Terry says:

    Matt’s okay, but the song was pretty lame and dull; I can’t see an audience connecting with this track, the sales figures will be interesting in comparison to previous winners. Even Fireworks was better. Rebecca’s track would have been a real hit and connected, and is such a shame it won’t be released.

  7. Tom Jarvis says:

    The song is called ‘Many of Horror’…. Cowell’s arrogance has now reached the level where he can rename songs that he gets his manufactured music machine to cover…

  8. megz says:

    i bought the original biffy version ‘many of horror’ not when we collide uurgh how dare they change the name of the song just to appeal to the f*ckwits that will buy his music, they should have used a different song if that wasnt paletable for the ‘fans’

  9. Pete says:

    Not your average X Factor winner’s single?
    Who does he think he is? Top notch? I don’t even think that he is average. He may have won the competition but he won’t sell records like Rebecca. He sounds more like a scalded cat would to me.

  10. Steve says:

    Prediction of Matt Cardle’s post-X-Factor career:

    “When we Collide” – UK #1 (or #2, behind the Trashmen)
    First True Single – UK #1 (one week only)
    Album – UK #1 (one week only – drops like a brick)
    Second Single – #13 (Peak – drops like a brick)
    Third Single – (skips Top 40)
    Fourth Single – (somewhere towards the bottom of the Top 100)

    Second Album – Top 40, but not higher than 35
    Fifth Single – Top 30, but not higher than 23
    Sixth Single – (skips Top 40)

    Dropped by Syco (around the same time as Leona Lewis)

  11. Jamie says:

    Such a dreary track. This could the worst X-Factor song released to date. If this is the route Matt is going down, then he’s not going to last long with Cowell. He’s a good singer, but there’s nothing that says “star quality” about him. I can see One Direction (even though they are quite poor) and Rebecca (who is really fantastic) doing better in the long run.

  12. Richard says:

    What a bunch of bitter spiteful people. Rebecca lost. Accept it- she was gracious enough to. Her fans are all over message boards today oozing malice.

    And Biffys version of this song (which I bought at the time) got nowhere very much despite relentless pimping on R1. So if Cardle gets them attention and royalties they wouldnt have had otherwise, they should be bloody grateful and so should their unpleasantly superior moaning fans. Its a fantastic version. Different from the original but no worse. He did good.

  13. Dee says:

    I would not expect X factor fans to understand the carefully crafted genius of this song.Biffy wrote this in “drop C#”, the matt guy mimes a strum in basic C scale tuning, pretty lame stuff. But what do you expect, X factor fans would cheer any shiney tuneless gimp Cowell puts up for this years wannabe celeb.

  14. Paul says:

    Get a life people! If Matt wasn’t very good, he wouldn’t have won!! The fact that he came top in every weeks votes apart from 1 shows he was the clear favourite throughout, and a lot of people like him. Good luck to the lad, I hope he does well, and I hope he gets the xmas number 1, just so I can lol at the pathetic people who are so against him/the show!!

  15. Rickyg says:

    Sorry guys, but this is a terrible X-Factor single, a really lousy release this year; if this makes number one and stays for any length of time it will be amazing. It will be interesting if Matt can maintain any popularity in 12 months time, outside of the show, as his voice just isn’t unique or spectacular enough to stand out against the people that will be filling out the top 40 charts. He’s a good live singer, but as a top recording artist with any star appeal, it’s very little questionable. I kinda feel sorry for him as he does seem sincere about what he wants to do, although I’m still not clear as to what kind of artist he wants to be??? I can actually see that Cher and Rebecca doing great from this as they did stand out at what they did and were very specific to who they want to be as artists.

  16. Mick says:

    What a crap track this year! Who is going to really buy that junk? If this is seriosuly the kind of stuff Matt’s is planning to do for the career he wants, Syco will be dumping him in no time. It’s just inevitable.

  17. Tia says:

    Matt’s very ordinary, everyday man, bland appeal is what won him the X-Factor this year, unique people are never going to win a show like this.

    It’s going to be the Steve/Leon/Joe story all over again this time next year, again, they appeal to a wider demographic by being bland.

    It’s like the last two bland guys that won American Idol and both are flops in terms of record sales. Matt has a pleasant voice, but unfortunately fails to stand out in musical ability or looks of a pop star.

  18. Jennielin says:

    Meh. Whatever. I like it. I bought it. I’m gonna listen to it. I loved the original as well, and maybe the fact they’ve chosen a more unconventional band to cover this year will gain much deserved publicity for this underrated song and underrated band (Already Many of Horror is on the iTunes chart, and whether thats a “reaction” or not to the single, I don’t think it really matters. “Spite buying” of music doesn’t make much sense to me).

    Rebecca will be able to forge out a career for herself as well. I hope so, anyway, because I am in love with her voice. I’m sad that she didn’t win, as I think the X factor would have been a perfect platform for her. I’m interested to see what she comes out with.

    But okay, fair enough, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, don’t listen to it, and get on with your life.

  19. sid says:

    haha. This guy is the best x factor has ever had on the show. Leona sung the same all the time. This guy proved how different he could be, week in week out. Matt would go a long way! & for the people that are talking nonsense about him saying he is crap, go ahead & try to sing yourselves. Appreciate the beautiful voice & stop being jealous. Matt all the way!!!

  20. Phil says:

    What a load of talentless crap, just like the xfactor viewers, sad,lonely people that just like chimps I’n a zoo will clap and sway to any crap that cowel and co will put I’n front of your eyes. You lot have no ear for music and would not know real talent if it bit you on the backside! When freaks like cardle get classed as talent ( just because he looks like the simple boy next door and wears a hat) normally it’s the 40 plus sad house wives that like this kind of crap, as sad as this sounds only bit of thrill I’n life they get is to get a fix of matt cardle or that other numpty olly murs once a week because there husbands are fat over weight boring losers. I know I went out with one, sorry had to get out relationship when she was clapping like a simpleton and swaying side to side to this matt lad sounding like a cat that has his you know what’s trapped, pathetic, and pathetic sad people that help put this crap on the tv by giving it ratings, which comes to my final complaint that proper talent can’t get through because of crap like this swarming the charts along with all the r&b it’s pathetic.