X Factor Mobile Van Auditions hit Plymouth TODAY Dublin at the weekend! Full audition dates and details…

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The X Factor team are hitting Plymouth today, with their mobile audition van.

It was revealed earlier this week that the ITV show would be staging extra tryouts all around the country, in smaller towns and cities that weren’t provided with open auditions recently.

Producers recently visited large cities such as London, Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester, however in the coming weeks they will be visiting smaller towns such as Bangor, Colchester, Derby, Wakefield, Aberdeen and Brighton.

The X Factor van will 19 locations in total and hopefuls will be asked to sing for just one researcher and their audition will be recorded and watched by producers at a later stage.

Today it will be parked at Plymouth Pavilions, Millbay Road, Plymouth, PL1 3LF.

Producer Claudia Cunnell explained the process, saying:

“It will park up and there will be a gazebo. There will be a cameraman and a producer and people will take turns auditioning on film.

“Those films will then go off and some people might be lucky enough to get called back to further auditions.”

The van will even be visiting Ireland, where the main auditions missed this year, giving the next Mary Byrne or Niall Horan the chance to tryout.

The mobile audition dates are as follows:


26th April – Aberystwyth
27th April – Bangor
28th April – Dublin
29th April – Dublin
30th April- Blackpool


1st May – Carlisle
2nd May – Edinburgh
3rd May – Inverness
4th May – Aberdeen
5th May – Dundee
6th May – Middlesborough
7th May – Wakefield
8th May – Derby
9th May – Norwich
10th May – Colchester
11th May – Southend
12th May – Chatham
13th May – Brighton

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