X Factor: Olly Murs wanted someone to control Frankie Cocozza

Olly Murs has claimed that all Frankie Cocozza needed was someone close to exercise some control during his time on The X Factor.

The Brighton lad was sensationally axed from the ITV show after it was revealed that he had been taking illegal drugs during mad party nights.

At the time his mentor Gary Barlow admitted to feeling guilty over his predicament, wishing that he had kept a better eye on the young singer. However Olly Murs thinks he needed a firm hand from someone closer to home.

He told The Daily Star:

“As an observer, I felt like Frankie Cocozza needed his family around him more, or someone to say: ‘What you’re doing is wrong.’”

The Xtra Factor presenter added:

“Gary did as much as he could. He’s got so much experience in the industry, and being around people like Robbie Williams, but I don’t think it sunk in.

“Frankie needed someone to control him as he didn’t realise the opportunity he had until he lost it”

It has been reported that Cocozza will return to reality TV next week, with a stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house on the horizon.

The 18 year old singer is thought to be joining Ruby Wax, Michael Masden, two Playboy models and Natalie Cassidy. Check out the full rumoured Celebrity Big Brother lineup here.

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One Response to “X Factor: Olly Murs wanted someone to control Frankie Cocozza”

  1. SERA SHEURI says:

    i agree with Olly we as viewer we said that lon time ago and the wors is that lois may have destroy him for the rest of his life we should not be allowed to treat a teen age like that no mother onearth like s her son to be treated that way we think that is what he is drinking more and more of course louis does not have children or enouoough education to know about this and louis hates GAry may be is the reason and it all started when Gary was named as head judge if y look back at video y willsee the face loui had at that time i m glad with the VOICE coming on bbc they have allready agree not to agress the contestants frankie would have been good in a group i m just vewer but i mdoctor so i know about this things