X Factor: One Direction’s Harry Styles wants a girlfriend with ‘talent’ – Zayn Malik wants Jessica Alba!

If you would like to date One Direction star Harry Styles, then being pretty isn’t going to be enough to win his heart.

The curly haired hunk told ITV.com that he wants a girl that’s attractive, funny and talented….he’s setting the bar quite high in our opinion!

Styles explained:

Obviously, we like a girl to be attractive but it’s all about the banter – STANDARD! And I like a babe with a talent – you need to be good at something. Like tennis! Now, that’s cool.

He went on to add that he quite fancies Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack – who we would have thought was a bit old for the teen sensation – adding:

And if Caroline Flack is reading this, say ‘Hi’ from me. She is gorgeous!

However Zayn looks for a little more intelligence from his lady – that might explain his recent relationship with fellow X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson who always seemed quite clued in to us – and he added that he finds smart girls ‘hot,’ saying:

I look for depth. I like a looker but intelligent girls are hot. If I were to pull a celebrity it’d be Jessica Alba or Megan Fox. Either will do!

On his ideal woman, Liam Payne confessed he likes shy girls saying:

I find shy girls so cute and endearing. I don’t like girls who are all up in your face. A nice pair of peepers helps too.

While band joker Louis Tomlison likes someone who can make him laugh, he said:

A good sense of humour gets me going! It’s all about ‘The Vibe.’ That’s my catchphrase by the way! And I like a girl who keeps me on my toes. Play hard to get, girls!

Last but not least, blond haired Irish cutie Nial Horan likes ‘cute’ girls but not too ‘sexy. he admitted:

I like ‘em cute but not super-sexy as that can be intimidating. I fancy Brooke Vincent from Corrie and Kate Middleton.

So girls do any of you fit the bill? Tell us why in the comments section below!

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42 Responses to “X Factor: One Direction’s Harry Styles wants a girlfriend with ‘talent’ – Zayn Malik wants Jessica Alba!”

  1. tasha says:

    talent eh? yeah well i can sing, dance, act and play piano. that enough hazza?? x

  2. harriet says:

    i can play tennis harry ;) used to play county! and i can play most sports, can do the worm ;), pretty talented on just dance! and im good at massages (for harry’s back pains);) also pretty good at making a complete arse out of my self when i first meet someone (y) x

  3. MrsStyles says:

    I can play the piano Harry! I also can swim… :)

  4. Harriet says:

    Harry i’m talented! I dance , swim , play guitar and loads of other stuff! But your too good for me , hehe not really! My friends say im obsessed but i’m not ! your just beautiful Much love for Harry xxxx and the rest iof 1D (btw i rlly want to meet you:(xx)

  5. Laura Lovin 1D says:

    Harry im talented i play tennis outside my house with the neighbours, as we have a massive park across the street:D i can play netball, and i can swim :P! love you gorgeous<3 ;

  6. Sam 1D fan says:

    Well, I dont want to blow my own trumpet but I’m shy, play piano and I like to think I’m a tad smart ;) LoL <3

  7. georgia says:

    not to sound too big headed but i play piano, sing, dance, i can play netball and not too bad at acting;)

  8. charlotte'june says:

    well harry, im a really good singer and im planning to go on x factor next year, i wouldnt say im beautiful but i know im pretty, (im not vein by the way :D) im a really good actress ive starred in all the musicals in my school, i can dance when i feel like it :) and well yeahh i swim and i dont know what else i can say, but is that good enough for your standards :D <3 xx

  9. Liv says:

    harry..i can play tennis:) xx

  10. khristiane says:

    harry!! i LOVE singing, i like to think im good at it ;P i loveyou! <3 xxxxxx

  11. Rebecca Mc says:

    I like Harry the most, his smile is so cute. But i am still on the hunt for my talent. Harry, wee cutie. :)

  12. Roxy Styles says:

    i can play tennis,, and i look amazing in tennis skirts ;) xx

  13. courtneymorris says:

    well….im shy, good at singing(i got 95% in my singing test), acting, intelligent, the funny one out of my friends and im pretty….is that good enough boys;)xx

  14. Maya says:

    I feel like a right snobby dobby gobby person saying this (o_o)

    But I sing, I dance, I’m suuuper shy (some people call me ShyGuy from Mario, rofl) and I guess I love sports to.

    Apparently, I’m funny according to my friends but I can’t just do it on the spot. Harry’s randomness reminds me of my randomness like.. a lot and I would really really really like to meet him properly with all my heart. Like, not just “Oh my ghod! I LOVE YOU HARRY STYLESSSS!”. Like, a proper meeting where I could talk to him and be able to hear him because there wouldn’t be screaming people around him. Psh. I wish! ;]

    I know a lot of people would think that I’ve made ALL of this up but I honestly haven’t. Or I wouldn’t be writing this. *Sigh*

    To meet Harry Styles would be a dream come true.
    I’m quite a daydreamer so I think you can guess what I’ve been daydreaming about lately! <3 x

    • Maya says:

      Ahaaa.. I just remembered, I used to write songs with my bestfriend but she moved to Cyrus. o___o

      What’s wrong with the UK? She said it’s too cold. .___.


  15. Laplover says:

    Hey I am shy i can sing ,swim, dance and act though im not that good at sports ohh and zayn im super smart i have a 4.0 and im soooo shy and pretty funny with my friends cause im comfortable with them which obvi makes me not shy haha and im cute (everyone says so even brother which i would never have guessed that hed ssy that lol) ohhh and i loove zayn soooo much and im so happy i have wht he like :)

  16. Laplover says:

    Ooops i wrote that i was shy 2 times lol srry

  17. becky says:

    hehe im shy wen i wnt 2 b i am gd at tennis can dance can sing can play football can play badminton ppl say im cute attractive n i am quite clever hehe so harry if u wanna contact me im on twitter hehe xx

  18. jazzy says:

    hey hey. i play tennis,swim,marshil arts,dance and i kinda sing like at famiy events. im am like a big fan of 1D omg you guys are so tallented i love your new single what akes you beautiful.x

  19. zanny says:

    telent well i can horse ride, i mainly ride a pony call harry (see the relentionship here) harry pony well he is a trouble maker, but i still love him

  20. Lizzie says:

    I LOVE YOU HARRY your sooooooooo gorgeous and i can play tennis,im in 2 choirs,i can sing {i think anyway},i love swimming,rounders,hockey,netball,la crosse,squash

    Please reply thanxxx


  21. Lizzie says:

    oh AND also i can horse ride i have 2 ponys called muffin and rose,i can dance,act,sing,,ski,snowborad,surf,sail,kanoe and im really clever aswell

    so what do you think fancy a date

  22. Rebecca says:

    I’m Irish and I consider that talent cause well yeah

  23. Bethh says:

    Heyy Harry, I play the drums im in a band!! I can sing :) play netball, im a long distance runner (use to run 4 my county) im shy round boys, quite funny and random and im quite pretty… Pleaseee reply Harry!!!! Xxx

  24. Emily says:

    Hi Harry=P
    I can ride a horse, run kinda play football VERY FUNNY. Im sorta like Karen from outnumbered. Random… And aparentlly pretty:)

  25. Nicole says:

    I love Harry well he is very attractive plus im naturally blonde and im shy and I also love to have a laugh. x

  26. Emilie and Rachel says:

    Nial Rachel and I are cute but not too sexy (we wont intimidate u!) Harry we are talented and we won a talent show for all the skl in our county (we danced and sang) Zayn me and Rachel are the most intelligent in our year… we are in the top set! Liam we arent all up in boys face (we hate that too) and Louis we make funny little comments in class and we are popular for our funnyness!!
    Our favourite song is what makes u beautiful, we listen to it at skl and sing loudly.
    We will be perfect girlfriends… and we’ve been told in the past from our old boyfriends we both make good girlfriends!! and we are not making this up!!

    our list:
    1. Harry (fitty)
    2.Nial (hot)
    3.Zayne (cute and fit body)
    4. Liam (cute and amzing voice)
    5. Louis (funny and cute…!! )

    WE LOVE U ALL!! <3

  27. Jess says:

    Hey i can sing and dance
    i have a great sense of humor and a great personality
    and also love to have a laugh
    love u all please reply back Harry or Louis <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxx

  28. shannon says:

    lol well tbh im not talented and tbh how many girls want to go out with one direction loads so i dont no why your like im can do this and this when this might not even be true

  29. shannon says:

    im from plymouth you most probs never heard of it well i dance kinda but im shy

  30. Aya says:

    Ive been doing kickboxing for years, gymnastics, swimming, and basketball. Im a very good singer, actress, and I play the piano. Im very shy.

  31. Amy says:

    Harry, i love you soo much! I’m shy, not to be big headed but people say i’m pretty, i play guitar, recorder, tinwhistle, a bit of drums, a bit of piano. I can ride horses. I play golf and people tell me i’m great at that.I love all of 1D!!!! You guys are great!!! :>

  32. Judianne says:

    Hey 1D, I LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!!! I play basketball,a bit of football, volleyball, badminton and i sing and dance too… And I’m in a cheerleading team. To be honest i wouldn’t say im pretty because i can’t exactly tell..BTW I love everything about you guys and I wish I would be able to meet you someday!!! =D

  33. Judianne says:

    P.S iM vErY vErY ShY!!
    And if I was asking for your autograph or something I would probably be looking down the floor… :)

  34. Belinda says:

    Hi Harry [: I’m a writer, I got a full scholarship thanks to my writing. I hope that’s enough talent for you :x I am extremely funny though and I don’t mind dirty jokes, a lot of the time I’m the one that makes them lol. And my friends tell me I’m pretty all the time even though I don’t think I’m THAT pretty.

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  39. heidi says:

    My special talent is playing the piano, Dance, Make random comments and suck on “lollipops”, Come to sweden and i’ll show you how it’s done (;