X Factor Rule Breaking….Again!

Earlier today they were reports of two more X Factor contestants who could be disqualified for breaking the rules, the same as Avenue were.

According to some newspapers, the Producers on the X Factor have investigated links between Eton Road and Ray Quinn with an agent.

Avenue have already been thrown out of the contest, as we saw on Saturday after it was discovered they already had a management contract, breaking X Factor rules.

Now the other two acts have been discovered on the website of a Liverpool agency. It said the group was formed through audition in April and there was also a page about Ray Quinn. The page boasted: “He’s been selected for the boot camp, watch this space.”

Eton Road: X Factor Contestants

I can imagine Ray Quinn does have a management contract, but would that not be for his acting rather than singing ?( he used to be in Brookside, played little Anthony, who was bullied)

On This Morning, today, Fern Britain denied the claims as true.

If it is true, this is making a farce of the show really. It’s supposed to be all about finding contestants who have never been given a big break, never been given that chance to shine, and to already have a management contract is wrong.

Then this afternoon, the news changed!

Later this afternoon, it was then confirmed by ITV, therefore ending the speculation, that they will not be asked to leave the XF.

It seems Ray Quinn has said that his deal with the agency had expired earlier in the year. He said he was not in a deal at the moment and the agency boss got him little bits on shows, which was more to do with his acting side. He says he has grown up knowing her and she’s a lovely person .

And it turns out that Eton Road, meanwhile, had been offered – but refused – a management deal by the same agency as Ray Quinn ‘used’ to belong to. James had apparently auditioned as a solo artist for The X Factor already, explained Eton Roads David. So it seems they said ‘thanks, but they would rather just go for it themselves’.

I hope the reports of them now NOT being disqualified are indeed true as it would be a tragedy if Ray and Eton Road get thrown off the show, they have so much to offer. Both Eton Road and Ray has been through the mill a bit more then the rest of the contestants. If you remember he was told he was not in Simons final 7 and he was devastated. Then Simon decided he had made a mistake and asked producers to change it to 8 instead of 7 contestants. So Ray was given another chance, much to his relief. Then he had a battle on his hands when Simon could not decide between Shaky Shaun and Ray. I am pleased he choose Ray as there was no way Shaun could have coped with a live tv show.

Eton Road were also told they had not made the final 4 acts, as Louis had picked Avenue. Then, as we all know, it came to light that Avenue had already got a management contract, and so were disqualified, allowing Louis to bring Eton Road back into the show.

So, a great sigh of relief all round for these two acts I think! And it looks like we are all set for the 12 acts to perform live for the first time this Saturday.

So much gossip today! First they will be thrown out, next second they wont, so who knows what gossip tomorrow will bring from the X factor!

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