X Factor stylists insists Misha B did NOT throw any diva strops!

Misha B with rhino hair

Rikki Finlay has insisted that Misha B is nothing but a ‘sweetheart’ backstage at The X Factor.

She works as a stylist on the ITV show and claimed that reports of Misha acting like a diva and a brat behind the scenes of the singing competition are totally untrue.

In an interview with The Liverpool Echo, Finlay was asked about claims that Mancunian singers often throws strops and temper tantrums before a live show and insisted:

“Oh no, Mischa’s such a sweetheart, there’s no diva behaviour and we’d definitely see it if there was.”

“There are little ups and downs with all the contestants because people get tired and they’re under a lot of pressure, but so far there have been no major strops. They might say they don’t feel comfortable in something, so we work with that, but they’re all really polite about it.”

Rikki admitted that she finds it hard when she reads negative stories about the contestants in the press, because most of the time they are totally untrue. She added:

“We spend so much time with them, and dressing someone is such an intimate thing, so it’s hard when they’re criticised in the press, but that’s the nature of the show I suppose and you just have to remember that.”

Finlay also revealed that she loved working with Kitty Brucknell, because she was so dedicated to looking good on the ITV show, she wore costumes that actually caused her pain.

She laughed:

“Kitty was great because she would do absolutely anything. We couldn’t have had her spinning upside down on a wheel otherwise! She wore costumes that were really restrictive and actually hurting her, but she’s so passionate about everything she just got on with it and got through it.”

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3 Responses to “X Factor stylists insists Misha B did NOT throw any diva strops!”

  1. Robin Dunford says:

    Just goes to show that all the negaitve things that you have been spouting on here about Misha is rubbish. You should not print things unless you know that they are true.

  2. abie says:

    we all new misha was being framed up to lose the competition. now the damage has already been done; some pple will begin to say otherwise. God will punish the liars and evildoers.

  3. nick says:

    Love misha to bits. Now we know that everything was done to destroy misha’s chances of winning the show. Everything is about little mix now, that is exactly what tulisa wanted, to destroy the strongest contestants so that cheesy little minx could win.