X Factor USA: Demi Lovato wants Lady Gaga but admits no one can replace Britney Spears!


There are currently two free seats on the X Factor USA judging panel and Demi Lovato knows who she wants sitting alongside her this year.

L.A. Reid confirmed before the end of the last series that he wouldn’t be returning for a third run, as he wants to get back to managing his record label. Weeks ago Britney Spears revealed that she was leaving too, though there was a LOT of speculation that the ‘Toxic’ singer merely jumped before she was pushed.

Demi is returning to take part in a second series and will work with Simon Cowell again in 2013 and when asked who she would like to see replacing the outgoing judges, she told Extra:

“I would love to see Lady Gaga. I don’t know if that’s possible or not.”

demi lovato simon cowell

Cowell recently confirmed that he was on the hunt for two new stars and would be firming up his lineup this month.

Ne-Yo revealed that he has been in talks with show bosses, but has not yet signed a deal, while Jon Bon Jovi admitted that he turned down offers from the music mogul.

Demi will miss Britney though and the former Disney star told E! Online at the launch of Topshop in LA:


“I don’t know. I mean, who can replace Britney, let’s be honest.”

We think Gaga would be a GREAT singing, but let’s be honest, it’s not going to happen. With ratings being as low as they were in 2012, Simon will be lucky to sign one of the members of Wilson Phillips for his show!

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