X Factor USA: Simon Cowell and LA Reid defended Demi Lovato after creepy wannabe insulted her!

This week has seen Simon Cowell, LA Reid, newbie judge Britney Spears and guest judge Demi Lovato filming the first of this year’s X Factor USA audition in Texas…

And already, there’s been some controversy over Britney’s alleged walkout – after a hopeful “murdered” one of her tracks – and now it’s been revealed that Simon Cowell and LA Reid had to come to the defence of Demi when a wannabe insulted her.

Entertainmentwise reports that the fracas broke out when a 50 year old man sang a song that he dedicated to a 16 year old girl.

It was apparently a “sexually charged” performance that made Demi – and the rest of the judges – “uncomfortable.”

So after she voiced her opinions, which included telling the man he needed autotune, he apparently insulted her, prompting her to kick off rather royally it seems, before Simon Cowell told the man to get off the stage, and LA Reid added, “You need to leave. Now!”

And Britney backed Demi by telling the wannabe singer, “I want to know who let you on stage.

“I felt uncomfortable with you even being on stage [and] looking at me right now.”

An audience member took to Twitter to say, “DEMI JUST TOLD HIM HE COULDN’T SING. HE SAID THAT’S WHY YOU USED AUTO (TUNE) AND I DON’T. TO DEMI (sic)”

However, the day began well for Demi, who herself posted on Twitter, saying, “It’s my first day… woo hoo!! Who’s coming??!!! #XFACTORUSA.”

Click here to see video of the four judges on the first day of filming, and below are clips of Simon Cowell talking about season two’s auditions schedule, as well as a promo advertising Britney joining the judging panel.

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