X Factor USA: Simon Cowell is FURIOUS as Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore tells people to shoot him!

Ohhh Simon Cowell is not a happy bunny!

The X Factor boss has been very active on Twitter today and has been tweeting fluffy nice messages to his minion Olly Murs after he scored his fourth number one single.

However the music mogul has also used the micro blogging site to hit back at some enemies, namely Depeche Mode guitarist Martin Gore.

It seems that the 51 year old musician isn’t a fan of Cowell’s own brand of media manipulation and all encompassing talent shows and in a magazine interview last week, the British songwriter blasted:

“I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell.”

We think it’s fair to say that Mr C is livid about the comments, especially in the wake of the surge in gun crime in America and he took to Twitter today to have a bit of a vent. Simon wrote:

“I read Martin gore wants to shoot me. He was is in depeche mode. Do you realise how weird and stupid that makes you. Go and watch the news.”

“Why I am angry about weirdo gore is a ton of people have got shot this year and people. Like weirdo gore encourage this.”

To give you the full context of Martin’s comments, he told Music Week:

“I’m not advocating violence, but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell.

“His influence in the music industry over the last God knows how many years it’s been now. It’s just like, so many people think that that’s what music is.”

It seems that while Cowell and his staff may be up in arms about Gore’s statement, some Twitter users think he has a point.

Many have used the incident to hit out at the X Factor boss and one tweeted:

“#MartinGore has more musical talent in his left boll*ck than anyone @SimonCowell has ever manufactured #TeamGore”

Another wrote:

“Good to see Martin Gore is saying what everyone is thinking!!”

A third teased:

“Dear @SimonCowell, come on Simon, Martin Gore is STILL in Depeche Mode. Still going strong after 30yrs .When is Leon’s new album out again?”

We want to hear your thoughts on Martin’s interview and Simon’s comeback in the comments section below…

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13 Responses to “X Factor USA: Simon Cowell is FURIOUS as Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore tells people to shoot him!”

  1. Rachel says:

    I beg to differ but One Direction and Olly Murs and Little Mix are pretty damn good if I do say so myself

  2. Dawn says:

    I was going to comment on this but Simon Cowell isn’t worth my time! I’ve lost any respect I once had for him!

  3. Char1ie says:

    He was maybe a bit wrong in the shoot cowell part, but he is spot on with the fact that Cowell has in my own words infected the music industry with talentless fame desperate disposable acts.

  4. Lynsey says:

    Well saying Cowell should be shot is going a bit far but Martin Gore does have a point.

  5. stcy says:

    aha! now we are talking about threats,does mr.cowell realizes how ridiculous of him to be angry and say that its stupid for gore to say such words of “i think somebody should shoot simon cowell” and in his own words that people are being shot this year. so he knows that death threats should not be taken lightly because he knew within himself that there are so many psychos roaming around,i said he is ridiculous and i will add selfish and self centered because the fact that he knew death threats could possibly be enforce but never say a single words of diffusing the haters to stop and not fun to give death threats to anybody, and i will remind us that rylan and christopher are not just anybody to him they are his guest and investments,i said guest because they are living now under his company’s premise. so, should i conclude that simon regards himself highly that some laws are not applicable to the lowly people? or should i say that he does not care anything concerning his contestants so long as they are bringing in income and attention for the show?.

  6. 180 says:

    There is no reason to start any negative statement as shooting anyone.
    The world that we are living in right now is already so depress and does not
    need anymore of that. It does not matter whom it is, a statement as shooting
    is too stupid to even write up on the social media……… what was he thinking
    Not the way to get attention…is this the role model to follow…………

  7. TruthTeller says:

    100% agree with Martin in every way! it’s about time the truth was told and who better to spread it than the greatest band of all time?! Simon and his army of musical diseases like no direction should be taken out to a field and disposed of permanently ASAP!

  8. Dez says:

    Martin was using the “shoot him” quote as tongue in cheek. Simon obviously hasn’t got a clue about music as Martin is still in Depeche Mode and still writing excellent songs. Incidently, DM are bigger than any of his acts and are still filling stadiums after 30 years in the industry.

  9. Ghee says:

    Depeche Mode are big legends! They’re thousand times better and worth to see, to listen, than any Xfactor manufactured artist!

  10. Depeche Mode says:

    Simon Cowell needs to see a therapist, he is very sick in the head..