X Factor USA: Simon Cowell to choose Britney Spears replacement a week before auditions!

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X Factor USA fans may have quite a wait if they are hoping to find out who will be replacing Britney Spears on the judging panel this year.

The mum of two recently revealed that she was leaving the hit Fox show, though rumours suggested that she jumped before she was pushed, and Simon Cowell recently said that he was working hard in firming the lineup for both his UK & US series’.

However, Khloe Kardashian thinks the music mogul will leave everything until the last minute and decide who is replacing Britney “a week before” the show starts.

She knows how the TV boss rolls, after all she only got a phonecall about joining Mario Lopez as co host last year at the very last minute.

She told The Huffington Post:

khloe kardashian

“I was hired a week before the show aired, so I feel like Simon [Cowell] might do the same thing. He loves the suspense.”

Cowell has a few spots to fill in 2013, as L.A. Reid recently confirmed that he was jumping ship and returning to his ‘day job’ of running a record label.

Ne-Yo has confirmed that he has started talks with Fox producers about replacing Reid, but so far he says no decisions have been made and no contracts singed.


Jon Bon Jovi also revealed that he was approached by Cowell’s team and also American Idol bosses about judging on both shows, but so far he has resisted the big cash lure and stuck to performing with his band.

Who would you like to see replacing Britney & Reid? Leave your comments below….

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One Response to “X Factor USA: Simon Cowell to choose Britney Spears replacement a week before auditions!”

  1. jack says:

    i am hoping for a One Direction member since Cowell had mentored them in the 2010 UK version. It would add more humor along with the Demi Lovato humor on the show. I don’t think they are experienced enough quite yet though. And Simon seems to want to be the only British person judging, so, yeah. Haha. I would think Katy Perry would be a good judge, especially since she judged at some of the UK auditions before. For L.A., it depends. If you can replace him with another singer, I’d say Eminem or Jay-Z, maybe to add a rap element to the show. You could also, for Britney, use Carrie Underwood for country. You’d have the full team: Simon Cowell, record producer, Demi Lovato, pop sensation, Carrie Underwood, country cutie, and Eminem/Jay-Z, rap performer. If you have to use another record producer, I don’t really know. Also, another good person could be Amy Lee from Evanescence. :)