X Factor’s Christopher Maloney thinks he was a ‘threat’ to James Arthur & Ella Henderson and admits he wasn’t interested in their onesie parties!

Y'know wha, like I just can't thank me four fans enough

Y’know wha, like I just can’t thank me four fans enough

Christopher Maloney has revealed that he thinks the X Factor judges picked on him during the most recent series of the show, because they saw him as a huge threat to their own acts.

The Liverpudlian star was branded a ‘diva’ by Louis Walsh, while Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa agreed and as a result he suffered a lot of negative press attention throughout the competition. In an interview with ’7Waves’ Radio Chris said the panel were trying to sabotage him and his chances of winning and explained:

“It’s a competition, I was seen as a potential threat by all the judges and you could see that throughout the show. I was getting 40-50% of all the public vote right up until week eight, so for seven weeks I was topping the vote, walking it.”

Maloney did top the public vote for most of the competition, but started to lose support during the last three weeks. He thinks the bad press was taking effect by then and continued:

christopher maloney

“I think James and Ella being in the bottom two started to sway things and also the orchestrated press that was involved.”

“I didn’t give any reason for people to say I was a diva. It’s just a shame really.”

“It was quite difficult for me and my family as well.”

Maloney doesn’t think he would have won the show anyway though, even if he had won the judges’ support. He said:

Christopher Maloney

“Hand on my heart, I didn’t think I would win it but not because James or Jahmene would be that good, but to be honest with you, I wouldn’t have thought that a wild card would ever win the show. Looking back at it now, I probably wouldn’t have won it anyway.”

Throughout the series of the singing competition, various contestants criticised Christopher for being aloof and not getting involved with he rest of the group.

Kye Sones said he very much kept himself to himself and Maloney thinks that was a lot to do with the age difference between him and the rest of the hopefuls. He said:

“I did get involved but I’m a little bit older than the rest of them and you know, I had a lot more to prove. I really wanted to do my best, get my head down, do myself proud and do Liverpool proud and the people that were supporting me. It’s not about getting involved, I just wanted to learn my songs.”

christopher maloney x factor judges houses

“I didn’t want to have onesie parties or be involved in anything like that, only because I wanted to get my head round it. ”

Chris is currently performing on The X Factor tour and last night the acts put on their first show in Liverpool.

What do you think of his comments? Was Chris picked on because he was a ‘threat’ or did he deserve what he got? Leave your comments below…

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5 Responses to “X Factor’s Christopher Maloney thinks he was a ‘threat’ to James Arthur & Ella Henderson and admits he wasn’t interested in their onesie parties!”

  1. Dawn says:

    Errrrr he HAS been signed! He is also stealing the show on tour. As for the article above time to get YOUR facts right too! The tour kicked off in Manchester not Liverpool. Stop making up stories! Follow Chris on twitter and see just how popular and loved Chris is. He’s leagues ahead of the others and some of the fans supporting others are even saying how amazing Chris is live.

  2. Benzir says:

    The judges especially Louis are douchebags. Yes he was a cheesy singer and i personally don’t think he was going to be a popstar. But all he did was come on a show just like every other person to pursue his passion. All the diva rumours really ruined his life and it’s not a nice thing to be booed onstage. The producers brought him in as a wildcard and didn’t think he’d make it past week 2. Then after he did they tried to pick any way to get rid of him with the press. e.g. the diva rumours, assault rumours, etc. This is what i don’t like about the x factor is they have certain people they want in the finals and when things don’t go that way then they manipulate things. Same thing happened to frankie last year. Yes he was a tool but the x factor encouraged him to go out partying by paying for all of it so long as he told them where he went so the paps could follow him. Then they kicked him out to bring back amelia who surprise surprise was signed to syco after the show. fuck the fix factor

  3. noosha says:

    Dawn all i can say is BOLLOCKS!!!! James is a worthy winner n the only one that had talent in the series! Chris was mediocre n thats it im sure we will find him in the bargain bin by xmas!!!

  4. Lilli says:

    Chris is very good looking, has wit and no doubt an appeal to a niche audience.
    BUT when it comes down to sheer raw talent or originality then Jahmene and Ella beat him hands down on musical range and ability .. James Arthur is original , fresh and different ..
    Chris will sell some records but I can’t see him becoming a super star.
    I can see Jahmene becoming a super star and maybe Ella as well. I would like to see James do well because he , like Jahmene has fought his demons and in their singing we can hear it, that truth, authenticity
    With Chris ,I can see many struggles he would also have had , but its not there when he sings, any emotion in what he sings,sounds like a song that he is trying to make sound emotional , sugary rather than raw, maybe the others are more willing to truly feel and express their pain from deep within their psyche and its reflected in their vocal
    I don’t think Chris is able to do that and that makes the biggest difference
    I also think many comments Chris has made sound “bitchy ” bitter and immature. Silly , nasty things on Twitter.
    So it shows me he has massive insecurities, is actually very vulnerable and as we know hurt people attack others because it makes them feel better about themselves
    Chris is a good singer, not great .People stopped voting not because of the bad press but because we got bored with sugary , rather fake, sentimental sounds ( sorry Chris)
    The other 3 are simply just great singers

  5. Lisa Burton says:

    Dan: You are getting backlash from [D] because she is sooo inspired by him (CM)!! “stealing the show” my a**e – she forgot to mention the BOOS’…
    Now here’s the strange bit>>> TWITTER: Baloney moans about vile threats, police & XF production advised against visiting/commenting on same site & off he goes with his stupid unnecessary comments re being “a threat” to Ella/James and in his mind a “threat to David Bowie & amid all the other famous singers the world over. Why can’t he shut his gob, get on with the tour & desist attracting un-wanted attention which will eventually evoke ‘vile’ reactions on Twitter/Facebook. Other sites have hinted how some comments made by him (CM) under different names & judging by the errors viewed – defenitely on par. Shut up Baloney, enjoy this little limelight bestowed, take your fee & please be gone for you are a darn BORE & I doubt you will last the entire tour without a ‘flare-up’, anything for a bit of publicity. Methinks the ‘threats/bullying’ will emerge again & Baloney is wasting time, money & effort & should be kicked off the tour. His false face won’t last & he’ll be spouting off again within hours.
    Thank God for the likes of RYLAN/JAMES/ELLA/JAHMENE/UJ…