X Factor’s District 3 haven’t heard from Louis Walsh since show ended


District 3 have revealed that they haven’t had any contact with Louis Walsh ever since they finished on The X Factor last year.

The boyband were mentored by the Irish star and finished in seventh place on the ITV series in November. At the time many D3 supporters claimed that the judge had favoured his other group Union J over the lads and it seems they may agree with their fans.

After the X Factor Louis became Union J’s full time manager, yet his other group haven’t had so much as a phone call.

“We’ve not really heard from Louis since the show,” lead singer Micky Pearsons told Daily Star Sunday, adding: “I’m not surprised he’s managing Union J.”

He continued:

union j district 3

“Going into the finals we knew they were X Factor’s baby because they were put together.”

District 3 and Union j shared a stage again last night, when the X Factor tour opened in Manchester.

D3 enjoyed the experience immensely and tweeted their followers saying:

“What an amazing feeling that was!!! Manchester you made us feel so good! #District3inYourCity”

Union J were just as psyched and wrote:

Union J District 3

“Half way through the show. Wow what a buzz the crowd in manchester are amazing. JJx”

“Really enjoying manchester!!!!!!! However I have somehow got a splinter in my foot which is really hurting me lol :( josh x”

“That was amazing thanks sooooo much for the support in the audience tonight you guys are brill. Much love JJx”

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