X Factor’s Matt Cardle unveils “Anyone Else” video – it’s pretty good!

Matt Cardle has premiered his latest music video online.

The former X Factor winner previously revealed that the second single from his album “The Fire” will be titled “Anyone Else”. The track has been reworked slightly for single release with extra backing vocals added in on the last chorus. It is set to be released on 31 December 2012.

Cardle shared the link on his Facebook page with the caption:

“Hey guys! Here is the video for my new song ‘Anyone Else’!! Hope you like it : ) xx”

He later tweeted:

“So the anyone else video is live?! Hope you guys are enjoying!! : ) xx”

Matt’s first single from the album “It’s Only Love” charted in Britain at number 175, the album did much better reaching number 8 in the UK album charts.

Listen to ‘Anyone Else’ and tell us what you think in the comments section below. We think it’s a real grower!

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10 Responses to “X Factor’s Matt Cardle unveils “Anyone Else” video – it’s pretty good!”

  1. Wilmaa says:

    Loving the new single from Matt, wowser! Such a catchy song and he looks so hot in the video!

  2. Hana Knavova says:

    Fantastic video, this song is very upbeat, Matt’s voice is stunning and he looks very hot!!

  3. Timbo 96 says:

    Love the video, Love the song, Love the article. Matt Cardle is a serious recording artist who will be around for a long time. His music is very accessible but evertheless top quality. This is very catchy number ad the video is great too.

  4. moominlox1 says:

    Love it, this video really made me smile! You get the feeling that Matt Cardle has got a sense of mischief as well as being an Amazing singer, writer, producer, musician etc etc. He also is quite a looker as well!!Shall put this among my favourites.

  5. Jacqui says:

    Love the video, love the song, love the album. A great second single, catchy beat, great lyrics and superb vocals. This video shows Matt’s sense of fun too. He’s an extremely talented artist who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He looks great too

  6. Anna says:

    Fab video shows Matts fun side Fab single from a Fab album. Matt is doing so well now and will continue to do so with the Fab voice oh and of course Matt looks Fab too.

  7. gita says:

    Fantastic video – he’s very good musician. In this video he looks very … hot.

  8. Andrea p says:

    Once again another fantastic song from the very underated album ‘the fire’ i really hope this single gets a lot of air play as its poptastic!!! Much better than what i hear every day on the radio.

  9. pipi says:

    so proud of you Matt! you will be around for a long time! A real talent!

  10. Naomi Ruth says:

    Pretty good?! It’s bloody brilliant! Matt has done us fans proud yet again! Love this version of it’s only love, love Matt, everything about him oozes charisma and love. He loves us all right back too. Many celebs don’t feel it like Matt does. A true Angel!