X Factor’s Rylan Clark, Union J & Carolynne Poole spill the beans on Christopher Maloney & all that drama!

The X Factor finalists have spoken and have more or less confirmed that Christopher Maloney has been telling some porkie pies on Twitter.

The former X Factor finalist, who finished in third place on Saturday’s show is said to have kicked off big style at the final rehearsals yesterday over the group performance and his tiny role and insiders claimed that he ranted and raved and used some very abusive language in an altercation with Carolynne Poole.

The official line from the ITV team was that he ‘no longer wanted’ to be part of the show, but apparently the Liverpudlian showed up again later last night, asking to go on stage and when he was told that the performance was already underway and his line had been performed he stormed off again and vented his anger on twitter instead.

After he accused Carolynne of being ‘bitter’ because she was eliminated in week one, she admitted to heat that she hadn’t yet seen his message but was ‘disappointed’ in his behaviour. She explained:

“I’ve not had a chance to look on Twitter. I’ll have a look now. I’m really disappointed actually. I was really upset earlier. I just don’t want to bring any embarrassment to Gary, that’s all.”

Union J had previously stuck up for Chris and even backed him to win the show at one point. However last night Jaymi Hensley said that he was also upset by his conduct over the final weekend and added:

“I was very disappointed. I’ve stuck up for Chris a lot this series, understood him and had a good relationship, but I was a bit disappointed.”

Rylan wasn’t holding back either and he insisted that everything being said about Chris – the diva claims, the reports that he was behaving abusively and throwing his weight around – were true.

He continued:

“I’m not going to sit here and talk about Chris Maloney but everything that is being said is right. At the end of the day I’ve ended this series on a high, started the same person I finished and that’s what I’m proud of. Some people get too big for their boots – that’s entirely up to them.”


Chris is still insisting that he was just sick and that’s why he wasn’t on stage last night. He tweeted this morning:

“good morning guys, still got a really bad chest infection. :-X still on antibiotics. love u all thank u so much 4 all ur love and support xx”

We don’t think we believe him. Do you? Leave your comments below…

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12 Responses to “X Factor’s Rylan Clark, Union J & Carolynne Poole spill the beans on Christopher Maloney & all that drama!”

  1. marie says:

    he is really doing himself no favours,with an attitude like that he wont get far will he,who is he kidding,he just couldnt take it that he lost,he always thought and had said that all he had to do was go out there and sing to win,so u see so untrue.he should appologise to carolynne and the others who he insulted,i dont beleive for one minuet that he was sick,he misbehaved and rightly so he was removed.

  2. Max says:

    Some people still can’t see what a nasty piece of work Chris Maloney is and continue to support him, I genuinely feel sorry for those people to be so clueless.

    Chris has no career or future ahead of him, because to have a career in the music industry you need good working relationships, and Chris has been unable to forge any. NO ONE in the entire show/industry has a nice word to say about him, think people, why could that be?

  3. Mandy says:

    My daughter is currently applying for music colleges and at the open day we wer told that a very famous tenor had been asked what his advice to people wanting a career as a singer would be. He said there were only three things a singer should remember be on time, be nice and know the music. From the sounds of things Christopher could do wirh following that advice

  4. OLIVER says:

    This is just what the vile queen wants!! i think the press should not be reporting about him !! lets forget about him and let him rot in his oown stench!

  5. OLIVER says:

    This is just what the vile queen wants!! i think the press should not be reporting about him !! lets forget about him and let him rot in his own stench!

  6. Paula says:

    Tell him to go find a job in a sunbed shop would suit him better he was crap anyway same old shit every week got boring carolynne was way better give her his place boot him out

  7. Simon says:

    I disagree he is a nice guy and very talented. Damn I don’t think you’re gonna believe I’m telling the truth now, talented he is not a nice guy?dont think so. I agree with Oliver although a bit rough, he has feelings, there I go again, telling lies.

  8. ilovecallumhaplinfromturton high school says:

    i love union j they are cute.

  9. karis says:

    oooooh i luv union j 2. especially josh!! xx

  10. Ghee says:

    Those Xfactor contestants are booked to do Xfactor Concert Tour, and was trained to tell something bad against Maloney or else they wouldn’t join the Tour. Another puppets of Mr. Cowell! Simon and Louis don’t like Maloney to win (as Gary said, that Chris is forced to be out of that Show).

    • Jamie says:

      God I didnt know Carolyn was on the tour… And Simon may not like Chris but he wouldnt stoop that low.. He has a big reputation to keep, and he’ll want as much money as possible.. Judging by the voting results Chris could have brought him that money so Simon wouldnt want to miss out on an opportunity like that!

      • Ghee says:

        Unfortunately not! I tell you, how big is the jealousy of Mr. Cowell to Gary Barlow. He don’t want him to win, like last year with Marcus. As well with Chris, this time! X-factor is not credible. It’s not only fixed, they ruining peoples life!