X Factor’s Union J think they’re more popular than District 3!

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Their is a bit of boyband one upmanship on the X Factor tour this year, as District 3 and Union J compete to see who has the most supporters and who can cause the most hysteria among fans.

In a new interview Union J have insisted that they aren’t worried about being in competition with their fellow group, because they think they’re more popular anyway.

Both bands spoke to Top of the Pops magazine this week and the lads from UJ played down reports of rivalry as much as they could.

Jaymi was asked which group gets the loudest screams when they arrive at a venue and said:

“Us…maybe? It’s a bit awkward, but yeah, I think so.”

“I would say that our fans definitely scream the loudest! Everyone loves George – he’s the little cutie in the band,” JJ added.

Josh continued:

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“We’re not worrying aout District3. We want to be as successful as One Direction and The Wanted.”

“I think we also have the most followers online..” George insisted, knowing that they definitely do.

District 3 played down the claims too and insisted that despite being in competition with one another and being posed to go into a chart battle later this year, they are all just one big group of pals…awwwww.

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“There’s definitely no rivalry between us,” Dan said. “We’re more like a group of seven good friends.

“I think it’s probably pretty equal, but then I haven’t been to any of their gigs or anything,” Greg said, ever the diplomat.

What do you think X factor fans? Which band would you rather see in concert?

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