Xtra Factor’s Caroline Flack insists she’s NOT dating James Arthur – spotted out for Harry Styles’ birthday!

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It was reported last week that Caroline Flack had hooked up with X Factor winner James Arthur, but the leggy beauty insists that she is definitely, definitely single.

The Xtra Factor presenter was subjected to James’ flirting week after week, as he competed on the ITV show and she admitted herself that there was a bit of a spark between herself and the singer songwriter.

However, apparently that bit of chemistry hasn’t led anywhere, as the brunette star told MTV news that while she has been for drinks with Arthur, they are not in any sort of relationship.

Caroline insisted that her life is ‘boring’ and that she’s still very much single and added:

“We just go out for drinks. I expected that, if I ever go out with a guy, they like to make up some sort of story.”

caroline flack

“I think it’s because my life is so boring and if nothing else is really going on, you have to create some sort of soap opera. I’m not going out with James Arthur. [My life] is probably more boring that you think.”

She may not be dating James, however, Flackers has now become embroiled in another ‘are they, aren’t they?’ rumour, after she was spotted out on the town with one of her exes last night.

caroline flack

One Direction’s Harry Styles celebrated his 19th birthday in Groucho Club, London with James Corden, Ben Whiston and Nick Grimshaw and guess who was spotted leaving the venue just minutes after the boys? None other than the lovely Caz.

It must have been some party, because Harry was feeling more than a little rough this morning and tweeted:

“I feel old”

We hate days like that!

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