Adam Lambert & Chris Daughtry returning to American Idol! Here’s why they’ll make GREAT mentors!

by Lisa McGarry

adam lambert chris daughtry

It’s been confirmed that former American Idol contestants Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry will be returning to the shows that started their careers this week.

Lambert was runner up in season eight of the reality TV show, while Chris finished in fourth place back in season five.

While former wannabes often turn up to perform on the hit Fox programme, it’s been revealed that Adam and Daughtry will be back to pass on the benefit of their experience to new contestants and will be mentoring the hopefuls as they near the live shows.

Both men have signed up to assist Randy Jackson in his bootcamp round, where the group of singers will be whittled down and Chris sounds pretty excited about it all.

He shared a picture of himself and Adam on Instagram and captioned it:

“Hanging with @Adamlambert at the #idol workshop. Glad to be back! Stay tuned…”

The men will be on hand for the whole of the two day workshop, hosted by the show’s former judge and their appearances will air later this week, February 18 and 19.

So exactly what experience will Adam and Chris be passing on and what makes them good mentors? Well we’ve put together a short list of their career highlights so far. We think you’ll see that they’ve been very busy indeed since their reality TV beginnings.

adam lambert


– Adam released his debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ to great fanfare in 2009 and it proved to be quite the hit, debuting at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 198,000 copies in first-week sales. He also enjoyed global recognition for the record and its singles “For Your Entertainment”, “Whataya Want from Me” and “If I Had You” charted around the world.

– Soon after the album release, Adam headlined a worldwide concert tour, Glam Nation and as such became the first American Idol contestant to front so many shows, the year following his Idol appearance.

– In 2012 Lambert followed up with his second album Trespassing, which went straight into the number one spot on the Billboard 200 album chart. The achievement was made even more impressive as it was confirmed that the stars was the first openly gay artist to top the US charts.

– As well as headlining his own tours, shows and festival concerts, Adam has made his mark globally in a series of gigs performing with British rock legends Queen. The star has appeared as frontman for the band and won critical acclaim for his performances on a number of occasions and just last week Brian May revealed that they’re set for another series of concerts this summer. The influential songwriter and guitarist previously insisted that the late Freddie Mercury would be a massive Glambert too if he had lived to see Adam perform.



– After he finished on Idol Chris landed himself a lucrative record deal with RCA Records but instead of going solo he formed a band called Daughtry and their debut album went on to become the fastest selling debut rock album in Nielsen Soundscan history.

– Chris has become third most successful American Idol contestant in terms of record sales, topped only by season one winner Kelly Clarkson and country star Carrie Underwood.

– Daughtry has received plenty of backing from his music peers and has collaborated with stars such as Slash, Chad Kroeger, Brad Arnold and Carlos Santana over the course of his post Idol career.

– Chris is not only a fantastic performer, but he’s a prolific songwriter too. The star co-wrote the song “Send Me All Your Angels” for American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen’s debut album and also wrote on Colton Dixon’s album ‘A Messenger.’ He co-wrote three songs on Day of Fire’s album Losing All and contributed a track to Allison Iraheta’s Just Like You record.

What do you think of Chris & Adam as mentors? Are you looking forward to their episodes? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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  1. melody on February 10, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    To add: Adam Lambert was also a Grammy nominee with WWFM.

    He has world wide fame and performed in China on TV with an approximately 1/2 billion audience watching.
    He has won a multitude of awards for his performances and for his charity work

    Brian May from Queen has called Adam’s amazing voice ,one in a billion

  2. sweetfourGlambert on February 10, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Melody the articles never really cover everything Adam Lambert has accomplished – thank you enlightening readers !
    Thank goodness for Glamberts!
    We set the record straight.
    Adam Lambert is AMAZING no questions about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bea on February 10, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Definitley looking forward to Adam on Idol. His charisma is undeniable.

  4. Sandra on February 10, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    I can’t wait to see Adam on Idol!!!

  5. Trudy on February 10, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    I lost interest in Idol after Adam’s season but will tune in to see him and Chris. These two guys are amazing performers. Daughtry toured with Canadian rock band Nickelback (love them – I’m Canadian). Nickelback’s frontman, Chad Kroeger, had nothing but praise for Chris.
    Adam, of course, is in his own league…the perfect entertainer.

  6. Hannah on February 10, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Looking very much forward! Great idea as it shows you can also become successful even if you are not the winner. Mega Adam Lambert fan here and also like Chris Daughtry.

  7. Ovationimpact on February 11, 2014 at 7:37 am

    It is great that Adam and Chris give back to idol. But after two years of using Adam’s name as a potential judge I again lost interest in viewing the AI show. I will watch when Adam is appears. Adam sure has a big Giving heart for other artist. Feb is my Adam on TV– Glee, AI and judge on RPaul Drag Race. Adam sure did a great job as host of Diva show…hay. Powers to be how about a 8 to 10 weekly episodes of a Adam variety music show where he can sing and host with other musical guest…IMO would be great.

  8. Mitzi on February 11, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Really glad to see Adam will be back on AI. Haven’t watched it much this year, but will watch to see Adam. Also happy to hear he will again be touring with Queen. Think Adam and Queen would be the perfect Super Bowl half time show. No better music to rock the house than Queen songs and there isn’t a more amazing vocalist than Adam. What do you think Adam fans?

  9. magsmagenta on February 11, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    I don’t know that much about Daughtry, but I think it’s a good thing that they are bringing in people who didn’t actually win. There is so much emphasis throughout the series on winning that it’s easy for people to lose track of the fact that winning the show isn’t the ultimate goal. If the reason people go on the show is to launch a career they should be more worried about what happens after the show finishes and the American Idol fans start focusing their energy on the next series, rather than the continuing careers of those they supported last year.
    Both Adam and Daughtry have coped with this very well, and have found many fans outside the Idol ‘Bubble’
    Also, having a hit record in the charts isn’t necessarily a guarantee of a lasting career, there are lots of ways to make a living in the entertainment industry, and the chances are that both will have advice on how to maximize their opportunities.

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