Adam Lambert ‘I’m not replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol’

American Idol star Adam Lambert has revealed that he won’t be replacing Simon Cowell on the judging panel next year and insists that the rumours that emerged last week are just that.

Simon Cowell is currently serving out his last season on the Fox singing show, as he plans to launch his American version of X Factor next year. Sources had reported that Idol bosses were so impressed by Lambert during his recent mentoring sessions on the show, that they were considering him as a permanent replacement for the music mogul.

However Lambert denied the story during a live web chat with MySpace Music. He said:

‘I keep hearing the rumour too – unfortunately it’s just a rumour. I would be honoured to be asked – but I think at this point I’m just focusing on my career as a recording artist.’

When asked by fans who should play him in a movie of his life the singer revealed that Titantic star Leonardo DiCaprio would be his choice, stating: ‘I have always thought that Leonardo DiCaprio is a really good actor – he could get intense.’

Lisa McGarry

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