Adam Lambert talks losing American Idol….but really winning in the end (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert gave a fab interview on UK TV show Live From Studio Five last night and the whole time chatted to Emma Willis whilst indulging in a hand massage.

During their chat, Adam covered all the usual topics….the American Music Award Scandal…..working with Lady Gaga but he also delved into how he felt to have come second on last year’s American Idol season. Talking to Emma the ‘For Your Entertainment’ singer said:

I feel like I won. I feel like I won in my own way. I think that the whole point of the show isn’t to get the title, at least it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t about saying I’m first place, I’m second place. It’s about the opportunities it created for the future.

On whether coming second meant that he was more free to make the album he wanted to make, rather than the record the album execs dictated, he said:

I don’t know it works here in the UK, but I think that it’s a bit of a misconception that oh if you win that competition show you’re puppeted around. I think it works on a case by case basis, I think that there are probably certain people that have won the show before that didn’t quite have an idea of what they wanted to do and luckily I was listened to….all my crazy opinions. I am a control freak with a smile!

Adam collaborated with Lady Gaga on his album track ‘Fever’. On how it came about Adam added:

It was a demo that she wrote years ago, it was actually one of the demos that got her her first deal. I think it was for Interscope maybe, she got signed to some label years ago with that song. It sounded very different her demo of it. I really wanted to collaborate with her and I asked around and at the eleventh hour she came back and said yes, I have the song for you! I was like YES, this is so cool, this is amazing, this is going to be great. So we got together in the studio and she showed me the song and they kind of retooled the whole production of it. It sounds completely different the whole production of it. They wanted to update it, make it appropriate for me, kind of give it a disco flavour and we did and we had a blast together. She’s really great.

On his infamous American Music Awards scandal Adam said:

It was very spontaneous. I mean obviously the number was choreographed, the staging was all set but there was certain things that I did that were offensive to certain people. The song is about being a showman and putting on a razzle dazzle I’ll entertain you type moment but it’s also about being really sexually dominant, it’s about being powerful with your sexuality and I just decided to do just that.

There’s a double standard here, let’s talk about that. In the moment I didn’t think that what I was doing was a problem, because as I’m concerned there is nothing wrong with it either and living in Los Angeles I didn’t think anybody would care. I didn’t think about middle America and their children and how they would react. It wasn’t part of my thought process. It was just in the moment, rock and roll, I’m going to grab this man and kiss him, I’m going to grab this mans face and put it there.

On whether the controversy has made him more guarded now on stage Adam admitted:

Oh no it hasn’t. I think it made the networks more guarded not me. I’m still who I am and I decided not to issue any apology or anything because I said I didn’t do any wrong. I saw Madonna do similar things years ago and no minded.

Check out the full video interview below.

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