American Idol 2010: Andrew Garcia didn’t like the themes

Outgoing American Idol contestant Andrew Garcia has admitted that he struggled to cope with the weekly themes imposed by judges and thinks he may have fared better if he had been allowed to choose more current songs.

The 24-year-old singer from Moreno Valley, Calif shone in earlier stages of the show, when the judges raved about his version of Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up’ but his performances on the live shows never quite reached that high. Andrew went onto the show with 25,000 youtube followers, who loved his acoustic version of popular tracks, so why couldn’t he win Idol viewers over so easily? He told USA Today:

I’m into mainstream music — mainstream pop, mainstream R&B. I love music like that. Anything that’s catchy, with a good hook — I love that. I’ll pick a song that’s in my head, usually that’s in the Billboard Hot 100. And I cover it.

People tend to listen to hits, and they go to YouTube for the covers. They’d find my covers, then show them to a friend, then word-of-mouth and it starts getting out there. That’s what’s cool about YouTube.

With American Idol, they take themes, so it’s a little hard. The themes are legends that you really can’t touch and shouldn’t try to remake. That’s what makes it hard. But I had to do that — in, like, three days. It’s fun, to me, but it gets tough at times.

Lisa McGarry

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