American Idol 2010: Crystal Bowersox ‘I wanted to remain true to who I am’

American Idol runner up Crystal Bowersox has admitted that her overriding priority when she made it onto the show, was to make sure that she remained true to herself and didn’t change too much.

In an interview with reporters after Wednesday night’s extravagant finale show, Crystal insisted that she isn’t at all disappointed to have come second out of hundreds of thousands of people. She said::

“My approach to the whole thing was just to remain true to who I am as a person and an artist and just give my best personal performance each week and whatever the outcome was I was prepared to accept and embrace and move forward in my career. Coming in second is an amazing feat in itself. This whole thing has just been an amazing journey.”

The 24 year old mum of one added that she knew from the moment she woke up on Wednesday that her pal Lee DeWyze would win. She claimed:

“I just had an overwhelming sense of peace and acceptance. Just some strange feeling inside of me, I knew Lee was going to win.”

“I was fine with that because he’s worked so hard. No matter the outcome of this, there’s no winner or loser. We’re both going to have very successful careers and I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

However, Bowersox said she still wanted to hear presenter Ryan Seacrest say the words.

“I wanted to know for sure. I wanted to know if my feeling was right and I wanted to celebrate for Lee. When I saw Lee’s face and he was about ready to pass out, I just felt everything he was feeling. We had been together this whole process and understand each other completely and how much we’ve worked for it,” she explained.

“I won vicariously through Lee because I could empathize so much.”

On her new record deal and debut album, Crystal admitted that she isn’t sure what it will entail yet but insisted that she has lots of ideas.

“I’ve actually got a meeting next week,” she said. I’m not really sure of all the details yet myself, but I’m ready to start working and get this underway.”

“I really don’t feel like I should be pigeon-holed into any one thing,” she explained.

“My influences are pretty straight forward, but I definitely have my own sound and style. It might be a familiar sound, but at the same time my songwriting is — I don’t know how different it is — but simply songs that people can relate to, enjoy, and hopefully learn something from through my experience.”

Crystal’s debut single ‘Up On The Mountain’ is currently sitting at number eight on iTunes top ten chart.

Lisa McGarry

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