American Idol 2010: Crystal Bowersox ‘Idol has really shown me what I’m capable of’

American Idol runner up Crystal Bowersox has admitted that while she wasn’t necessarily comfortable with a lot of the things she did on the Fox show, the experience did show her how much she is capable of.

During an interview with reporters after the final show, Crystal laughed that she doesn’t see any more big dance numbers or group performances in her future. She said:

I’ve known who I am as an artist and as a human being for a very long time. “Idol” has really shown me what I’m capable of. I’m not sure there are going to be group numbers and dancers in my career after “Idol,” but I know that after going through all that, I know I can do a lot. “Idol” taught me a lot and I’m forever grateful for that.

On whether she was disappointed by the fact that Lee DeWyze finished in first place Crystal added:

I looked up at Lee’s confetti falling down and thought, “This is my confetti.” I’ve won vicariously through Lee because I can empathize so much … I love Lee, he’s super-talented and I would buy his album in a heartbeat.

Crystal’s debut single ‘Up To The Mountain” is currently sitting at number seven in the iTunes chart, Lee Dewyze’s ‘Beautiful Day’ is at number three.

Lisa McGarry

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