American Idol 2010: Did Lee DeWyze just win it with Hallelujah? (VIDEO)

Before he gave his final performance on last night’s American Idol, we had one more reminder that Lee DeWyze was once a lowly paint salesman…to make things worse, Simon Cowell gave him the rather tacky choice of Hallelujah. Yeah, he’s never given that song to an X Factor winner in the past, has he? Idol viewers will remember Jason Castro’s rendition of this song, but in the UK it was the winners’ song for Alexandra Burke.

Is it a secret chord or a sacred chord, readers? Somebody please confirm!

The gospel choir flew out before Lee even finished the first verse and I found it hard to separate Lee’s performance from the Hallelujah overload we had here in the last couple of years but the vocals were good. Still, I think I’m personally tired of the song and it was an overblown mess compared to the more subtle, sparse Jeff Buckley version. The judges loved it though and I think, based on their comments, Lee may just have won the whole thing tonight!

Judges Comments:

* Randy Jackson: I’ve been waiting all season to see who’s gonna throw down the real gauntlet to try and win the whole thing. I gotta give it up to my boy (Simon), because he set you up. That was the biggest moment at the biggest time in your career on this show. That was unbelievable, unbelievable.

* Ellen DeGeneres: I’m sure glad you listened to him. If you had any doubts about it, that you trusted he’d chosen the right song for you. There’s really nothing more to be said, that was stunning. Just stunning.

* Kara DioGuardi: Lee, you are what this show’s all about. Somebody who starts in one place and ends up here tonight in an incredible, epic moment. You are the heart of the show this season and you just owned the entire night.

* Simon Cowell: I’m very very very proud of you. Before this show you were working in a store, you were looking for a break. This show’s given you a break and most importantly tonight with that performance, you proved that you are a fantastic singer, a great person and I really hope that you make it there next week.

So what do you think? Is Lee DeWyze is your frontrunner and new hot favourite to win the ninth series of American Idol? Or are the judges favouring him to push Crystal’s fanbase to vote harder for her? Or does Casey James actually stand a chance of being onstage next week? (And I don’t mean in an ensemble performance of the season’s finalists!)

Leave your thoughts below!

Lisa McGarry

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