American Idol 2010 Hollywood: groups fight over Gaga’s Bad Romance!

by Lisa McGarry

On tonight’s American Idol, tensions ran high. Neapolitan, made up of Paige Miles, Thaddeus Johnson, Jessica Cunningham and Liz Rooney chose Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” as their song, but so did Destiny’s Wild, which includes Siobhan Magnus, Jareb Liewer, Theri and Todrick Hall.

There’s a bit of an altercation as Destiny’s Wild accuse Neapolitan of stealing their sound and choreography.

In the end, all the bitching was in vain as Simon Cowell said of Neopolitan:

“I actually thought, in it’s own way, that was very good. I see you worked hard at it. You made an effort. I like to see effort at this point.” All four members made it through.

Ellen DeGeneres thought Desiny’s Wild “really was weird.” But we think that’s a good thing for a Gaga song and everyone got through.

Lisa McGarry

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