American Idol 2010: judges not impressed by Casey James OK, It’s Alright With Me (VIDEO)

For his contestants choice on last night’s American Idol, Casey James chose an Eric Hutchinson song OK, It’s Alright With Me.

It was a laid back little number and I think it played to Casey’s many strengths. He strummed along, but wisely left the electric guitar out of the mix. It isn’t the time to be dazzling the audience with guitar solos, Casey needed to show off his voice and I think he did…..unfortunately the judges didn’t agree.

Judges Comments

* Randy Jackson: The funny thing about that lyric is that that song was just kind of alright with me too. I wanted to hear more from you. Something that was different, unique, interesting. This is down to the wire. You can’t do a safe, easy song like that. Didn’t quite work for me, man.

* Ellen DeGeneres: It’s like Randy said, this is the moment. It’s like live or die, do or die, or live or die…I felt the same way. I wish you would’ve brought it, because this is the night you need to bring something much much bigger than that. It was alright, and you have a great voice, but you need to really blow us away.

* Kara DioGuardi: Casey, it’s hard to pick a song that not everybody know, especially tonight because you have to be really fighting for this competition. And when you pick something that’s a first listen for a lot of people, you can’t take it to the next level and make it your own, because you’re just establishing it. And I think that didn’t work in your favour.

* Simon Cowell: The problem is, it is arguably the most important choice of your life. It’s lucky you have two song choices, because I would compare that first song to if you were having dinner, that’s the salad. In other words, there’s something hopefully more substantial to come. Because that song will leave no lasting effect on the audience whatsoever. And it kind of felt like you were busking for a couple of dollars rather than competing on the most important night of your life. I think that was a dud song choice. But you sounded good.

Lisa McGarry

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