American Idol 2010: Lee DeWyze took round one with ‘Simple Man’ (VIDEO)

On last night’s penultimate American Idol performance show, Mr Lee DeWyze took on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man. He described it as a song he’s always loved and that he can relate to. I’ve got to give Lee his dues, he rocked this song. Those gravelly vocals that he seemed to have perfected as the live shows have progressed were amazing, and I loved the electric guitar riff and the gospel-style backing vocals.

Loved the little nod to the band as the song wrapped up! Well done Mr D!

Judges Comments:

* Randy Jackson: Great great song choice. I could see you making a record like this. I think it was a brilliant song choice dawg, I can see you doing this. And you know what I love mostly about that? You sounded amazing, but even more than that…somebody here’s feeling like they can win this. He’s in the race Ellen, he’s ready.

* Ellen DeGeneres: That’s what we’re talking about. That just showed us that you took this thing seriously. I’m so proud of you, because when we met you, you were like a little baby lamb, like a little shy, gentle quiet. Now you’re like a gazelle… (basically, she likes it).

* Kara DioGuardi: Lee, what you did tonight is what every contestant needs to do. You showed us everything you’ve got. From your dynamics, to picking a song that had meaning for you, which is so important. And in my opinion, round one goes to Lee.

* Simon Cowell: If I’m being honest with you Lee, I think the contestant song choices so far have been okay. That song however, was absolutely on the money. I thought it was brilliant. Picking up on Kara’s point, I don’t think you won round one. I think you crushed the other contestants.

Lisa McGarry

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