American Idol 2010: Lee DeWyze wouldn’t have chosen some of his songs ‘in a million years’

American Idol winner Lee DeWyze has revealed that if he hadn’t been on the show, he wouldn’t have sung some of his songs in a million years.

Indicating that he will probably be one of the more frank and straight talking stars to emerge from the show, Lee told USAToday that choosing tracks to perform was:

“frustrating at times, I won’t lie. There are some songs I wouldn’t have sung in a million years. But, you know, I signed up for it, and that’s the rules. You play them, and you get by as best you can.”

Admitting that he would have liked to do things differently on Idol Lee continued:

“A little bit longer sets would have been cool, like to be able to get into the song, as opposed to ‘Ready? Go!’

“Being able to accept it was the hard part. But, then, once you accept it and you kind of just roll with it, you can make the songs your own and then move on.”

Lee even hinted that his first single ‘Beautiful Day’ wouldn’t have been his first choice of song, but said that it was the best one suggested to him.

“I like that song a lot; it’s a really good song,” he says. “Is it something that is necessarily in my genre? No. There were songs on the table, and I went with the one I thought would represent the moment the best.”

On his debut album currently scheduled for release on October 26th, Lee insisted that he will have a huge input into it and won’t just sing what bosses order him to. He said;

“I’m going to have a lot of say in it. That’s something I was worried about in the beginning: Was it going to be, like, ‘Here’s your songs; sing them’? And it’s not. I’m going to have a chance to write and sit down with some people. There are people that have reached out and want to work with me. I’m just excited to do that. I’d love to co-write with some people.

“I’d be willing to work with anybody that wants to work with me. Truthfully. They’ve been there and done that. I don’t necessarily have the experience they do.”

“I want the album I make to be something I’m happy with. I’d like to have a folk-rock, kind of alternative vibe to it. I want it to be very earthy, but, at the same time, be able to reach out to a lot of different people. I’ve expressed that to the people in charge, and they’re all for it.”

Lee’s debut single ‘Beautiful Day’ is sitting at number three in the iTunes chart.

Lisa McGarry

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